Melbourne based electronic-pop producer Akacia is back with a brand new single, ‘Home’. The new track is an ode to feelings of comfort and being at ease with those around you, and it’s a collaboration that sees Akacia team up Spanish producer Miqui Brightside.

It took a friend asking her to sing on a future bass track for The South East Grind for Akacia to fall back in love with music, and now the producer is putting the final touches on her first self-produced EP, set for release in early 2018.

Akacia spoke about the new single ‘Home’ and what the song means to her. “I wrote this song the week before I moved out of home so the track has a special personal meaning for me. It was about realising that my sense of home was the people I spend time with, instead of a physical place I guess” 

The song is a collaboration with Spanish beatmaker Miqui Brightside who spoke about how he came to work with Akacia and his strong connections to the song. “Home‘ is probably the song I did I like the most. I made the beat in my bedroom with headphones, only at night time which I think it gives some special vibe to it. Some days later I found Akacia on Soundcloud and I just thought her voice could fit perfect on it, and it does. Home is not a place, Home is a feeling.

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