NYNE is back with her new single ‘I Think You’re’, a dancehall-meets-pop groover, finding inspiration from Judy Garland films.

Despite being ill whilst recording, NYNE opens with warm vocals laid over quasi-ominous chords. Futuristic synths enter along with the snappy kicks and snares that give the track its dancehall flavour.

“I wrote ‘I Think You’re’ very fast when I was actually really sick about a year ago, in my voice notes I’ve still got the first versions of the hook… It’s actually pretty funny to hear, if you listen really closely there’s a cough on one of the takes that accidentally made it into the finished version!”

The chorus is simple but infectious, “I think you’re in love with me, and you don’t wanna tell me // I think you’re in love with me, but you don’t wanna say it,” NYNE reiterating her suspicions about a crush gone by.

Teaming up with  ‘Bad Trips’ collaborator Siyoni, ‘I Think You’re’ slots perfectly into the NYNE  jigsaw. Each release slightly different but coming together to truly scope her own unique sound and fitting into the bigger picture. The track has been heavily supported around the country, with Triple J frequenting the release on their show.

After building up a reputation on SoundCloud, NYNE‘s catchy hooks led her to become the first Australian artist to be released on Drake‘s illustrious OVO label. Since then, the Melbourne musician has managed to make her own waves, securing a supporting spot on a completely sold out Mallrat tour featuring Basenji and Kota Banks.

‘I Think You’re’ is a perilous alt-R&B rhythm that enchants listeners with its dark production laced with NYNE‘s signature vocals. With plans of a debut EP and currently smashing a sold-out Australian tour, 2019 is poised to be the year this underground star makes the leap into spotlight.

Stream I Think You’re here.