One of SPUNK Records’ most recent additions to their notable lineup of artists is Sydney duo NOIRE, who’ve just dropped ‘Real Cool,‘ a dream pop track which is as much a striking song as it is a soothing soundscape. As the lead single from their forthcoming LP Some Kind of Blue, the track embodies that comforting isolation of one’s own ambivalent thoughts, with vocalist Jessica Mincher describing the song as being ‘about the things you tell yourself when you think the one you love doesn’t feel the same anymore’.

Opening with a raw, thudding drumbeat complimented by glimmering, wistful guitar riffs, the track is a confident nod to the humble side of Melody’s Echo Chamber and Beach House. Mincher’s airy vocal captures a stark sense of melancholy, embedding itself over the wall of heavy reverberated guitar sounds. It captures that reflective feeling one may entrap themselves in while staring out the window during a long road trip, lost in thought. Yet there is reassurance in her voice – a feeling of apathy and acceptance which is what makes the track a rather brilliant ride.

While the group have the emotive side down pat, the track is a promising extension of their 2015 EP Baby Blue, which saw them channel prime 90s indie pop groups like Mazzy Star. ‘Real Cool’ stands out as a tasty teaser for the group’s promising debut album which is set to reach our ears on the 29th of September.