UK-based rapper Nadia Rose has raised the bar above and beyond with her debut EP Highly Flammable.

The EP itself is a display of everything Rose has to offer and more; from the smooth beats in ‘Intro’ to the elements of old-school rap influence in ‘2H2H’ to the more club-style flow in ‘Tight Up’; there’s no way to define this EP as one particular style.

Having worked with the likes of Alicia Keys and Busta Rhymes, the MOMA-Award winning rapper has developed her own unique style of clever lyrics backed by contagious beats that will surely get bodies moving.

‘Poltergeist’ brings the tempo down a notch but not any less pulling as eerie vibes wash over, the music and lyrical ingenuity fitting to the song title.

Highly Flammable is the perfect introduction to the trail-blazing rapper that is Nadia Rose – and she’s ready to turn up the heat.