Driving down the freeways in Melbourne in a glitzed out convertible, Josh Moriarty of Miami Horror took some time while in transit to chat with Speaker TV about their new EP  The Shapes.

On the release of their EP, Josh explains that dropping The Shapes is something the whole crew at Miami Horror are excited for. “We’re feeling great about it! It’s just been quite a while to get it all together and we’re pretty happy with how all the songs turned out, we’re happy with the vibe of the whole thing and it’s very cohesive, which is something that we really wanted to do. It’s great to finally have it done and now we can show it to the rest of the world”. Having waited two years since their last release All Possible Futures he continues by saying that the band spent “just over a year” on The Shapes, and they’re already ready for what comes next.

The EP is without a doubt one of artistic adventure both musically and visually. “We’ve always been a visually inspired band”, Josh says, explaining that the EP involved “collaborating all the time with other musicians and artists”. Drawing inspiration from wherever they can, the end goal was always the same: be creative and be entertaining. “The music was always this one thing. We always wanted to make something fun like, upbeat and bouncy, and we found artists to match the sound”.

The beauty behind a release like The Shapes is just how well the new songs have been translating in a live space. “We’ve been playing the songs live and they’re working great, we’re feeling pretty good”.

“It’s been a lot easier because this EP used a lot of live instruments and was inspired by bands from the 70s and 80s, so it’s easier to perform as a live outfit”.

During our conversation, Josh explains how the band are currently zooming around town in their flashy Shapes Art Car. “We’re just filming a little promo video for it, to showcase the art of the car around the city”. Miami Horror have customised an old convertible into the  Miami Horror mobile, an opportunity for fans to get interactive with the band and score themselves double-pass tickets to their shows. “We’re parking it in different places in Melbourne during this week and we post online where we’re going to be”. Keeping up with the inventive nature of the EP, the band have more plans for creative promo around the globe. “We’re looking at some murals in Melbourne and also doing a few cars in different cities around the world. We’re organising something for Mexico City and also for Los Angeles, potentially New York and some artists are doing murals around those cities. So the idea is to put some art around the place just to put a smile on some people’s faces and brighten things up a little bit”. International fans are in luck as Josh confirms they’re “definitely” extending their contest for fans to win tickets in those cities.

It’s clear that the objective behind such an EP is to spread some colour and joy into the bleakness of our everyday lives, something the band hopes fans will take away from The Shapes. “Just smile. Live your life, don’t take things too seriously. The song ‘Sign Of The Times’ talks about how hectic our lives can become but it’s good to know how to navigate through that”. A simple and effective message, one that Miami Horror aims to portray in their live shows. “That’s why we’re around – to spread joy and have fun”.

The band are set on keeping things in motion with no intention of slowing down. With plans to play shows in South America, the band will soon be jetting off to get stuck back into new music. “We’ll head back to Los Angeles to start writing”.

“It took such a long time before the first record and the second record coming out, so it’s been nice to instead of waiting another two years to put an album out, to put a five-song EP out and to get music out while we’re still fresh and excited about it. If you wait too long… you know, we’d turn the Shapes EP into a Shapes album and that would take us another year and a half. It’s good to just keep things moving”.

It’s full-steam ahead for the Miami Horror camp with many more exciting things to come for both the band and their fans.

The Shapes is out now.