Enormous expectations paved the way for Make Them Suffer’s third full-length studio album Worlds Apart. Rising from the shadows of the critically acclaimed Old Souls, Worlds Apart is an exploration of diverse sound from contrasting genres. As the release unveils itself, Make Them Suffer effortlessly blend elements from an extensive range of alternative music –  the final product asserting itself as seamlessly progressive, explorative and dynamic.

Offering a vibrant taste of what was to come through the pre-release of Fireworks’ and Vortex’Make Them Suffer threw fans into a frenzy of anticipation – with only glimpses shown of the diversity the five-piece have been able to encapsulate within a single release – all without sacrificing quality. 

Worlds Apart offers listeners 40 minutes of polished progressions through various genres channeling all into a final product that captures a natural flow – showcasing a uniquely symbiotic balance between eerily sultry tones that unify with blast beats while maintaining an impenetrable harmony.

Thunderous crescendo welcomes listeners to the release within ‘First Movement’. The clean vocals of Booka Nile blend together with alien-like ambient tones, all of which are rounded out by the vivacious raw vocals and instrumental fluency that has only continued to assert Make Them Suffer as one of Australian heavy music’s most distinguished and dynamic acts.  

Raw vocals transition effortlessly into demanding growls which in turn pave way for hauntingly ambient piano tones to take hold within Vortex. Throughout the progression of the song, the ensemble maintains a careful and self-aware balance between echoing ethereal tones and emphatic animosity. ‘Grinding Teeth’, the third track from the release, encapsulates this seamlessly explored diversity which is a major contributor to what sets Worlds Apart from its predecessors. Progression within this track sees haunting circus-like tones unify with warm bass and instrumentals that somehow naturally shift into piercing highs without leaving listeners jarred by the stark contrast. 

Reminiscent in parts of the sounds that cushioned many fans through the turmoil of being an alternative music fan in the mid 00’s, Make Them Suffer proceed to develop upon this tonal influence, blending contrasting sounds to create a full sounding and balanced final release – while still being rich in all elements that secured the success of Neverbloom and Old Souls

Offering just enough of themselves to secure old fans to slip effortlessly into this release, Make Them Suffer also manage to encapsulate a fluent diversity of sound in a way that a band of their genre haven’t previously managed.  Prior to the release of their third studio album, the ensemble was set a huge challenge off the back of their praised full-lengths – Worlds Away redefines and challenges the restraints within progressive heavy music – drawing on tonal polar opposites to culminate one of the best releases of 2017.

Key Track: ‘Grinding Teeth’

11/10 (10/10)