There is utterly amazing music cropping up all over Australia every day, and we love nothing more than digging up some of those gems for your ears to enjoy.

Cameron County – Studio Haze and Hymn

In a word: smooth. Cameron County is the musical collaboration of Yusuf Harare Jnr, Dylan Young and Stephen Brooks. The music they’ve been making stems from improvisational living room jams. There are elements of electronic music, soul and jazz on display, and the raw production and recording techniques make for a textured and warm listen. This track was re-posted by none other than Melbourne rap royalty Remi, and it is a very solid number from a very promising group of young musicians. Technically proficient, but with an air of musical freedom, this track covers a lot of bases. The arrangements are delicate and thoughtful, and the lo-fi nature of the recording adds a certain moodiness and colour to the track. From the way the organic and electronic drums working together, to the sudden change at the three minute mark, to the soft rattle of the snare springs, every element featured in this number adds to the track as a whole.

Doona Waves – Come Around EP

Doona Waves are a Melbourne based quintet whose new EP is a beautiful affair with an Australian edge, but an international appeal. Gently crooned songs that are a perfect soundtrack to a hot summer dominate the release, which is surprisingly and effectively sparse for a band of five people. The guitar and bass melodic interplay creates an almost conversational musical tone, which gels nicely with the somewhat deadpan vocal delivery. Somewhere between optimism and pessimism sits Doona Waves, and the unique tone they strike in their music and lyrics allows them to shine. A collection of simple and sweet songs with a clear edge, Come Around is a rather promising release.

Shiny Coin – So Great

This song came out a while ago, but we’ve only just stumbled upon it, and felt it deserved a mention. The track kicks off immediately with impressive momentum that doesn’t slip up over the course of the two minute track. Restrained production allows it to sound as much like a pop song as it does a garage punk number, and melodic sensibility downplays the raucousness of the song’s instrumentation. A whole lot of fun is packed into the short and punchy number. We can’t wait to hear more of Shiny Coin in the near future.

Vacations – Vibes EP

Vacations is the moniker under which Newcastle musician Campbell Burns makes music. Originally a solo project, Vacations now features a line up consisting of Jake Johnson on bass, Nate Delizzotti playing lead guitar, and Jospeh Van Lier on drums. The tracks that make up Vibes are dreamy, lively and colourful, utterly drenched in gorgeous tones. The longest track only goes for three minutes, and although they are short pieces of music, each track is an ear-worm, with infectious melodies that grow on you more and more with repeated listens. Elements of shoe-gaze, jazz, dream pop, and rock all rear their heads on this eclectic release which has so much merit, and boasts so much to be enjoyed.

Nefarious – Gone

The first solo track from Melbourne producer Nefarious tells you a lot about its creator. Giorgio Theodoropoulos, the man behind the Nefarious moniker, is a jazz trained guitarist with a personal penchant for moody electronic music. Both these sides of his musicality shine through on ‘Gone’, which features low key electronic elements complimented by intricate guitar work, and soaring vocals. ‘Gone’ is the track Nefarious has used to debut his project to the world, and it precedes a planned EP and live performances. Warm, lush vocal harmonies allow the song the blossom as it progresses, and the soft bed of sound formed by the number is gorgeous, enveloping, and attention grabbing. Funky, soulful, ambient and immensely chill.