Everyone prepare yourselves because the bastions of the live music experience just announced their Splendour In The Grass sideshows. Anyone who is not willing or able to make the Byron Bay pilgrimage, can catch this dance music institution for two shows only, in you guessed it, Melbourne and Sydney.

If you are anything like us then you have been praying silently for this moment since you missed their last Australian shows in 2010. It’s no secret how varied and amazing LCD Soundsystem’s repertoire of alternative dance music is. They make the perfect mix of electronic dance elements, tangible indie pop melodies and sing your heart out lyrics. Everything from the party starter ‘Daft Punk is Playing At My House’ to the slow burn, ‘Dance Yrself Clean’ to devastating electro ballads like ‘Someone Great’ and ‘I Can Change’.

As if their back catalogue wasn’t enough, the real excitement of this announcement is the possibility to see an amazing band who is so committed to the live experience. Not only are their stages packed with a myriad of instruments and talented band members but you only need to check out their live performances to see the level of improvisation and unique energy they insert into every show.

Our office favourite:

Also LCD Soundsystem is joining many other live music fans in the plight against raised mobile phones at shows. They penned a letter asking for fans to not film there live shows. They wanted to emphasise that your phone cannot do better than Spike Jonze did in Shut Up and Play The Hits.

James Murphy has always wanted to create a party for the audience. In his DJ capacity, he co-founded the idea of the Despacio, the dance sound system which created a 360 dance floor where the DJ is removed from the focus. The idea was that Murphy to create a space “we wanted to play all night, at a party where there would be no visual focus on the DJ.” (Timeout, 2015)

With the ethos that privileges audience experience with hit after hit under their belts, LCD Soundsystem is certainly one not to miss.

All Our Friends, lets dance ourselves clean, tickets available from Frontier Touring.