Last Dinosaurs played a stellar show at the Howler in Brunswick on March 28th promoting their new album Yumeno Garden. There was palpable excitement as the stage was covered following the opening two acts. Aquila Young and Rat!Hammock had guided the first half of the night and set the mood in the room as people eagerly awaited Last Dinosaurs to begin their set. 

Lead singer Sean Caskey took the stage with his shining platinum blonde hair and began playing to the sold-out theatre. Dedicated fans occupied the area closest to the stage, shouting every lyric of the set. Fans who preferred to lounge in the back away from the densely populated areas closer to the front hummed and lightly swayed. The room wasn’t an all-out frenzy, but there was a connection with everyone in attendance.

The band moved through the set with ease and familiarity, effortlessly gliding through guitar riffs and switching lead vocals as songs changed. The front members happily joked with the crowd and seemed to be having the time of their lives. At one point, fans even began hopping onto each other’s shoulders to get a better view. They waved to the band and the band eagerly returned their gestures.

The most exhilarating moment of the show, however, was when Sean asked the crowd if we could “carry him”. The energy in the room immediately shifted.

We all suspected, and hoped, he might crowd surf. He did.

My favourite moment was their performance of Shallow Boy. As I sang along and causally bopped from side to side, I felt like that encapsulated the entire experience. There was a balance between excitement and simply experiencing the exchange of art and love. Supporting the artist is just as important as the music they make, and great shows like this require that kind of reciprocity.

It was also nice to see the openers come back to watch Last Dinosaurs perform. I think that’s indicative of the vibe within the band and the people they surround themselves with.

If you missed their shows in March, you can buy tickets to another Last Dinosaurs gig here.