In Australia and particularly in Melbourne, we have a wonderfully diverse music scene. There is an increasing representation of women across all genres – from female led punk groups like Wet Lips and Shrimpwitch, to hip hop artists like Miss Blanks and squidgenini, to electronica artists like Lacuna. A diversity of experiences and voices within the music community feeds a diversity in sound. The ever increasing representation of women in music is being championed by Lacuna, whose latest release Recovery is a dense and brooding electronic tapestry. She is hosting Ladies To The Front at The Gasometer Hotel in Collingwood this Thursday.

Ladies To The Front is set to be an evening celebrating female DJ’s, electronic artists and producers in Melbourne. She promises that “it will be a regal experience of top notch electro-pop, chill-wave, dance, and R’n’B.” Featuring an immaculate line up including DropletAeoraFrancesca GonzalesKT SpitTetrahedra and OK Sure, it’s sure to be an incredible night.

To celebrate such a great line up and such an awesome event, we’ve put together a playlist to get you in the mood for all the terrific female talent you can catch on the night.

Check out the Facebook event here. 

Tickets available here. 

$10 entry, doors at 6PM.