Byron Bay Neo-Soul folk singer-songwriter Kyle Lionhart is currently touring around the country showcasing his new release album Eleven & Two More East Coast Tour with several sold out shows.

On Saturday night, he performed his second sold-out Melbourne show located in the heart of the CBD, in the upstairs lounge of Geddes Lane Ballroom with supporting artist Tay Oskee.

Lionhart boasts humble beginnings, sprouting from busking the streets of Byron Bay and winning the local folks over to slowly building a name for himself over the years with his hit EPs and debut album Keep In Mind and his current Eleven & Two.

The 400 capacity live music venue felt inviting, with a friendly and diverse range of demographics varying from young couples, to older fans, to other supporting local musicians attending such as Adam Harpaz along with curious travellers from neighbouring countries like New Zealand, and a couple of individuals from Amsterdam. The vibe before the show was set with warm chatter filling the lounge, prompted by attentive bartenders along with a highly organised management team.

Opening the show was multi-instrumentalist Tay Oskee who stunned the crowd into silence as he took to the stage with nothing but his guitar in his lap and his harmonica around his neck. As the crowd gathered closer to watch Oskee effortlessly multitask these two beautiful instruments, a wave of serenity formed in the space with bodies slowly swaying and heads lightly nodding along.

Tay Oskee opening the show at Geddes Lane Ballroom, Melbourne.

It was shortly just before 9 pm when golden boy Lionhart jumped on stage with a big bright smile on his face as everyone in the lounge loudly applauded. His opening song was brief, but exciting all the same, with no one seeming to mind Lionhart’s carefree and laid back personality.

He serenaded the room with two new releases, ‘Heart Out First’ and ‘Never Was’, which both boast delicate yet rich guitar melodies, producing beautiful sounds and entirely captivating his audience. His incredibly heartfelt voice and emotive lyrics echoed through the audience, exposing deeper meanings behind his pure melodies. It’s surreal moments like this where an artist connects so well with the crowd that every listener exists in a shared experience of emotion and delight.

The messages in his songs are comforting and relatable with the singer regularly sharing his everyday personal struggles regarding the challenges of being a young father and touring away from home frequently. He jokes about his fans thinking his music is their therapy, and in doing so reveals the truth that everyone has hidden struggles but that it’s only through kindness and love that those problems can be resolved.

Byron Bay singer song-writer Kyle Lionhart performing live during his second Melbourne show.

It’s not often you get to meet a talented musician with not even the slightest trace of an ego or expectation to have everyone in the crowd enjoying the show. Lionhart is unafraid to share his past failures, shedding light on awkward past performances with non-engaging audiences. The only notable difference displayed that night was his positioning on stage, otherwise, it felt as though a good friend was speaking to you.

His music isn’t merely enjoyable; it’s the warmth you feel sitting in front of a fire on a chilly night at the beach. It’s the simplistic strums of his guitar that remind you of the Summer you experienced heartache. Kyle Lionhart‘s musical ability and angelic voice will move you. Whether its a hit from his old debut album Keep In Mind or his new two releases from Eleven & Two Morehis music is the perfect track to play on the drive back home after experiencing any kind of day.

If you’re a loving listener of chill, coastal folk music then be sure to check out Kyle Lionhart‘s music on Spotify, Apple music and YouTube.