John Mayer’s release of his latest album ‘The Search for Everything’  last Friday was far from conventional. He decided to release two ‘waves’ of EPs containing 4 tracks each earlier this year, as he feared releasing 12 songs at once would be overwhelming for people in an age where we are bombarded with so much new information. The album is mostly a compilation of the songs from the ‘waves’, however 4 new songs were added to complete The Search for Everything’.

‘In The Blood’ is a folky-pop acoustic ballad with dangerously exposing lyrics which honestly tells of the impact each member of his family has made on him. He unravels the nature vs nurture argument in a personal way asking “will it wash out in the water, or is it always in the blood?”.

‘Never on the Day You Leave’ is the most disappointing addition to album, which is a bit too cliché both musically and lyrically. Although the simplicity of the lyrics at times is quite endearing, it’s a song we’ve all heard thousands of times.

Rosie’, is one of the strongest songs on the entire record. The use of different musical elements is incredibly refreshing, as the guitar is complimented by an organ which sounds like it could feature on an early 2000’s Hip-Hop record, and flurries of horn melodies in the chorus. It follows the slow funky rhythm of ‘Moving On and Getting Over’ but manages to distance itself through a more euphoric blend of instruments and sets up an exciting ending for the LP.

‘Roll it On Home’ is an outright country song which sounds like it belongs on his last record Paradise Valley rather than this bluesy pop blend album. However, the closing track ‘You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me’ is an outstanding finish to a thoroughly enjoyable album, with a breathtakingly beautiful story to be told through its words. The simplicity of the song is reminiscent of The Beatles ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ and the parting words “just wait and see”, gives an exciting end to the genre jumping record that leaves the audience craving more new music.

Regardless of the songs, admiration has to be given to Mayer for the manner in which he released the album, as it shows he recognises the increase of information everyone receives since releasing his last record in 2013. It is likely Australian fans will have to wait until later this year to see him live, but more new music is expected to be released later this year. ‘The Search for Everything’ is available to purchase via iTunes and stream on Spotify.