There is literally no limit to where you can gather inspiration these days, particularly when it comes to how people are making music. Melbourne indie artist JAMATAR makes his on a Game Boy. I know. WHAT? This gives us here at Speaker a whole new idea of what it means to have a unique selling position.

Things are moving fast for JAMATAR too, having sold out shows in London, scored a UK record deal with London based Hyperwave Records and appeared on festival lineups such as NYE on the Hill, The Hills are Alive, Square Sounds and Pixel Sounds.

This track is pure gold. Sounding like something out of a cheesy 1980’s sci fi film, the song builds under synth and house beats while Foster’s voice lays across the top as if it were silk on a piano. Listen to the track below!

JAMATAR is headed to Melbourne and Sydney in June for single launches. JAMATAR‘s live performances are getting a great reputation with some slick electro beats and impressive visual shows. Check out the dates below.

9th June @ World Bar in Sydney NSW

16th June @ Yah Yah’s in Melbourne VIC