In their relatively short career, Jakubi has already blessed us with a number of toe-tappin’, soul soothin’ viral hits. ‘Can’t afford it all’ and ‘Couch potato’ both racked up the views, garnering the band some well-deserved acclaim. Their unique blend of pop, funk, R&B and soul makes you want to listen to anything they put their name on. Their latest EP, 61 Barkly street, is no exception.

The 4 track offering kicks off with ‘Bank account’, a tongue in cheek reference to the damaging effects a female can have on one’s bank account.  ‘I know her love won’t ever run out/cause she thinks I still got bills in my bank account’ might be a line that evokes a level of cynicism if it were delivered by any other band, but with Jakubi, you can tell it’s all fun and games.

‘Uptown Lady’ is a funky track that champions female independence, with a mischievous melody providing a nice canvas for soulful ‘ooh-ohs’ and silky smooth vocals.  ‘Pillow’ provides the perfect soundtrack for a lazy Sunday (or Monday, Tuesday etc). It’s another relatable track that is once again delivered with a beautiful blend of soul and funk, laced with vivacious optimism.

‘Nobody better’ is, unfortunately, the fourth and final track. You can see why it has been chosen as the focal point for this EP because of its production value. It is the most polished, crisp sounding track on an already refined EP. This track also shows off a more eclectic vocal range yet still includes everything that has gotten everyone excited about Jakubi.

With this EP, it seems Jakubi have well and truly solidified their musical identity. Their strengths shine effortlessly, whilst producing creative content doesn’t seem like it will be an issue for the band moving forward. This is their most polished piece of work to date; their unique ability to make everything sound jovial is their cornerstone.