Ever tried running while an iPhone 7+ is connected to your ears by a thin cord? It isn’t cute, but it is the reality for many who want to stream music and work out. Now the “silhouette dancing in front of a glowing block of colour” fantasy is alive again. Introducing Mighty, the iPod Shuffle inspired player made exclusively for Spotify playlists.

Envisioned by ex-Google engineer, Anthony Mendelson, as a workout companion that eliminates the struggle of hauling a phone around during your workout.

The idea was introduced last year by some well-received Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns that raised $595,000. However, with more than 9000 supporters dropping $70 to preorder their Mighty music player, two shipping dates went by without anyone seeing the device.

Behind the scenes, Mendelson was building the apps, redesigning the product, and waiting months for the streaming service to negotiate the terms with record labels. Now, the preorders have been shipped and you can buy your very own Mighty.

Overtly simple by design, Mighty disconnects you almost completely. Giving users access to their Spotify playlists and nothing else, holding up to 1000 songs, users simply sync the device to their Spotify, clip Mighty on and hit the pavement. Listening to tunes without your phone has never been easier.