The highly anticipated Amy Winehouse exhibition and events program Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait has recently opened at The Jewish Museum of Australia in St. Kilda, Melbourne.

The exhibition was curated by the Jewish Museum London with Amy’s brother Alex, and her sister in law Riva. A Family Portrait intends to provide a look into the personal life of Amy Winehouse, through an intimate, familial lens. A figure of great intrigue, Winehouse’s untimely death in 2011 sent waves through the music world. She will eternally be remembered as a soulful singer-songwriter and poet. Even in the face of great personal adversity, Winehouse created stunning, gripping music which resonated with audiences spanning many generations and demographics, both in her native country of England and abroad.

The Melbourne curator of the exhibition, Juliette Hanson has said that “this exhibition tells the story of Amy’s life from her family’s perspective. Through family photos, text written by Amy‘s brother, and many of her personal belongings, visitors can learn about Amy‘s childhood, her musical influences and ambition, her home life and her Jewish heritage of which she was very proud. Holding this exhibition at the Museum will provide us with a great opportunity to have some late night events accompanying the show. We can bring in local musicians and generally have a good time in celebration of this fantastic exhibition.”

The unique, once in a lifetime exhibition will run until the 25th of March 2018, and you can read more information on The Jewish Museum Of Australia‘s website here.