Earlier this year, Howlite dropped the stunning, slow burning single ‘Gothic Romance’. The single helped put the trio on the map, as it boasted such a unique musical atmosphere. Now, the group have returned with ‘Saviour’, a beautiful slice of slow, ambient, cinematic pop. Alison Thom’s meticulous and mesmerising vocals take centre stage, her powerful voice ever attention grabbing. Much like ‘Gothic Romance’‘Saviour’ is an immersive experience, a gradually unfurling, reality suspending soundscape denoted by sweeping beauty and allure – it is mysteriously attractive, and utterly fascinating.

Tonight, Howlite will launch ‘Saviour’ in store at Polyester Records in Melbourne. To celebrate the release, Howlite gave us the lowdown on all of their favourite record stores in Melbourne.

Polyester Records (Fitzroy)

The stallwart of record stores! They’ve been around since the 80’s, and have always represented and supported the underground and independent artist. Beyond stocking some of the best independent records around, they also feature amazing in-store performances, and we’re happy to say that we’ll soon be one of those artists! Launching our 7” single on vinyl through Polyester Friday October 27th

Northside Records (Fitzroy)

Owner Chris Gill is a bit of a local legend, and as a strong community radio supporter and presenter on 3RRR, he represents the quintessential heart of the music community. These guys have a great selection of secondhand record gems, with some of the best soul, blues and hip hop rarities going around, while also managing to find time to run their own independent record label, to help launch local acts onto vinyl.

Greville Records (Prahran)

This was, and still is, the place to go for the widest and rarest selection of blues, rock and punk vinyl going around. Plus you’ll hear some of the best music stories/myths going around town! More of a music museum and library, it’s become an institution over the years. I still remember buying the original Jet “Dirty Sweet” debut EP on vinyl from here back in the day, and thinking I was the coolest kid in town. Owner Warwick Brown also happens to have a haircut to rival that of Chris Gills!

Record Paradise (Brunswick)

Think record warehouse, then double it. This place is your one stop shop for all things vinyl, stocking local acts and supporting independent labels, through to offering all the latest and greatest releases, while still having a crate or two of vintage gems. Owners Paul and Renae are a wealth of knowledge, and they also happen to throw some of the best parties and gigs in town!

Poison City Records (Fitzroy)

These guys are not only a music hub when it comes to record distribution stores, but they also happen to run one of the best independent record labels going around. One glance at their roster and you know they’re onto a good thing; helping support and release music for The Smith Street Band, Batpiss, Camp Cope, Luca Brasi and The Bennies to name just a few. Great spot for a yarn about all the next crop of Australian artists.

We’d love to hear from record stores outside of Melbourne so we can pop in and go crate hunting on our next tour!

You can catch Howlite performing the following dates in Melbourne.

Friday 27th October Polyester Records Melbourne In-store single launch

Saturday 4th November Revolver Bandroom Melbourne Seattle Fix EP Launch

Thursday 16th November The Toff In Town Melbourne General Assembly Album Launch