Sydney based production wiz-kid Grasps_ has been making waves lately with his phenomenal EP Alone and single ‘PRAYING WAITING.

He is about to hit the road with one of the world’s most sought after producers Cashmere Cat, who has worked with the likes of Charli XCX, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Wiz Khalifa, and Kanye West. Joining Grasps_ and Cashmere Cat on the tour will be Nina Las Vegas. To celebrate the pending tour, Grasps_ curated a playlist for us featuring his top ten favourite tracks of 2017 so far.


DJ Heroin is one of my favourite producers at the moment. He’s part of the Berlin club scene, making really emotive & ethereal music. Shout out to both him and HNRK for putting out amazing music and making me want to move to Berlin asap.”

Organ Tapes – “PAINLESS”

Organ Tapes’ latest release ‘Words Fall To Ground’ has been really nice to listen to. I also play on repeat the song ‘Believer’, which is (I believe) entirely produced by himself. ‘Painless’ features production from Ssaliva who is also one of my favourite producers. Organ Tapes’ voice puts me in a really relaxed, calming state. Mostly, it makes me want to start doing my own vocals as well.”

Sybyr (Syringe) – “101DALMATIONS” (prod. tish vair)

Syringe is probably my favourite ‘hip hop’ artist out at the moment. Very strange and sideways thinking rap music. The production on this is really good too, reminds me of something similar to Blank Body. This track is short but sweet. Needs a replay button.” 

Ssaliva – “4S4”

“Medieval sounds input through modern software. Ssaliva makes incredible ambient tracks that can easily be re-contextualised into solid club tracks with beautiful melodies. He’s definitely one of the more innovative producers out at the moment and I really respect his musical direction.”


CELES7E and I have collaborated in the past on our song ‘BLADEHAIL’ – I think he is an incredibly gifted producer who has a uniquely progressive and emotive direction, similar to that of WWWINGS. I listen to ‘4EVER’ probably once a day, whether happy or sad. It’s a beautiful song for all occasions. His latest release on SYMBOLS ‘From Ashes’ is really cool too, I highly recommend a listen-through.” 

K2 World – 1 Bagga Chat 

“I saw Sir Spyro play recently at Civic Underground in Sydney and agreed it was one of the tightest DJ sets I’ve seen in a long time. He is really an incredible DJ and producer. This track is a future staple of my sets for certain.”

Bladee – No Life Left

“The new D&G release from Drain Gang was really cool to listen to – so much content (finally) being released from them. This track was a standout for me. Also honourable shout out to ‘Gotham City w/ Yung Lean’ which was also released quite recently.”

Suicideyear – Flood (Autumn Hate)

Sucideyear is one producer I’ve been listening to for seriously, ages. Japan remains one of my favourite instrumental albums and Brothers tops it off quite nicely too. I’ve made countless edits of his tracks & remixed his song ‘sad I’m sad’ (and very quietly released it on my Twitter, lol). His latest release is definitely worth a solid listen in a dark room.” Listen here. 

Corbin – “ICE BOY”

“I wasn’t a huge fan of the entire new album Mourn by Corbin, but this song really stood out for me. I’ve been a big fan of the Wedidit crew for a while and I’m glad they’re producing for him. This track is for the lover inside you.” Listen here. 

Ptwiggs – “HYPNO GAME”

“This song stuck with me the moment I was sent the demo mp3 through iMessage, with the description ‘it sounds like tortured drum & bass’. It brings so much to the table & I find it one of the best G-up songs. Ptwiggs has her debut EP coming out soon on Deep Seeded Records and I can tell you now its incredible. Keep an eye and an ear out for it this month.”

Grasps_ will be supporting Cashmere Cat on his Australian tour this November – tickets available HERE.