You may have already heard the name Rya Park, as she features on the single ‘Oblivion’ by FORD, which has been accumulating airplay on JJJ quite a bit as of late. She is currently working on a debut EP that will be unveiled later in the year, with a lead single set to be released in late March. Even with those two projects circulating, Lucy Travis (the woman behind the Rya Park name) still finds time for her band Tempus Sun, who were the winners of the Melbourne Music Bank Competition in 2016.

Lucy was born in London, and as her notoriety grows, she eventually hopes to relocate to her home city to pursue a performing and song-writing career there. With a phenomenal voice and a refined song-writing technique, the sky truly is the limit for this young, promising artist who is sure to do amazing things with the gift of talent she has been given, and she is a testament to the growth and skill set that can be provided by the right education in music.

Rya Park is a name that you ought to familiarise yourself with – because soon, you won’t be able to get away from it. She just graduated from The Australian Institute of Music (AIM) at the end of 2016 after studying a Bachelor of Music, majoring in Voice/Songwriting. Since then, her career has already started to take off, thanks in part to the practical experience she gained while studying, and the legwork that she has done to launch her career.