Melbourne heartthrob Gabriella Cohen has recently released the dreamy and silky black and white video for her gorgeous track ‘Downtown’, plucked from her debut album Full Closure and No Details.

She’s created the video herself in collaboration with Sky Richards, and it potters along like something plucked from a David Lynch movie. Jumping between various shots, the clip encompasses the sultry mood of the song perfectly, serving as a divine backdrop for a divine piece of music. Huddled up inside trees, bathtubs in bed and in the bush, the video shifts setting a lot, but manages to maintain a thematic consistency which makes it hard to look away from, and it gets weirder and weirder as it progresses. Very cool stuff.

The engaging and fiercely driven indie pop artist has had a busy year performing many shows here in Australia and abroad, and receiving ever increasing critical acclaim, along with a widening audience. Her recent magical set at Paradise Music Festival saw her sweep the crowd away into a dreamlike daze, and her performances are consistently remarkable. She’s heading back overseas fairly shortly, and she’s announced an Australian farewell tour before she departs our shores. Be sure to catch this unique, terrific talent in your city before she goes back out into the big wide world to grace other countries with her beautiful tunes.