Our selection of new tracks by the best homegrown talents from around Australia to welcome to week ahead. 

Muki – Sassaparilla

‘Sassaparilla’ is the newest track from candy coloured Sydney-sider, Muki who is on their way to blowing up. An ode to individuality in bubblegum wrapping, this tune has  a distinctive sound with syncopated electronic beats, a vast array of sonic textures and a dynamic vocal performance. ‘Sassaparilla’ is a verifiable banger while having a truly unique sound.

The Nights – Double Slit

The Nights Beyond Desire EP is an truly impressive debut release and third track ‘Double Slit’ is no different. With a driving techno beat and scampering electronic blips and synths, this tune begins with a dark and ominous tone. As ‘Double Slit’ progresses, lighter refrains show The Nights’ dynamic songwriting and talent for techno. Listen out for what sounds like a manipulated ambulance siren sample throughout this track.

The Ocean Party – Quality Control

The Ocean Party brings us their very latest offering in sunny alt-rock, ‘Quality Control’. The warm guitar tone is prefect matched with a lilting drum beat and heartfelt, simple lyrics. The stand out aspect of this tune is the vocal interplay and harmonies which seem to stand in the swelling orchestration on their 2016 album Restless.

Benji Lewis – For You

‘For You’ is a quiet beauty by elusive Melbourne electronic artist, Benji Lewis. There is an elegance in this tune showing the best of what down tempo electronic can be, as the soft vocal delivery compliments the delicate interplay of synthesiser sounds. This stripped back style is a departure from the layered tracks on his first EP, Heart & Halos yet as you can hear below, the change is an exciting development.

Anti-Violet – Fuzz Brain

A welcome new addition to the sporadic but lively output of Melbourne alt-rock trio Anti-Violet, ‘Fuzz Brain’ does not disappoint. With the perfect blend of self aware vocal delivery, guitar fuzz and a psychedelic bridge, ‘Fuzz Brain’ sounds exactly as the name suggests it does. You also just can’t go past the nihilistic lyrics, ‘It’s a choice I employ, better save yourself.’ Brilliant.

Sarsha Simone – Daydream

Sydney’s Sasha Simone is another example of the fantastic pop rnb voices coming out of our antipodean home. ‘Daydream’ champions the notion of having a dream and persistence while charming your ears with soulful vocal delivery and slick production.  This track is the latest single from her upcoming EP, which is hotly anticipated.