Mikhael Paskalev has recently released two stunning videos for his tracks ‘Shotgun’ and ‘Witness’. Paskalev is already well known for his awesome videos, brought to prominence by the visuals for his song ‘I Spy’. His penchant for visual aesthetic influences his music videos greatly. 

To celebrate the release of his two newest videos, Mikhael Paskalev put together a list of his 5 all time favourite music videos for us.  

Julian Casablancas and The Voids – ‘Human Sadness’

13-minutes long… it’s not even a short film, it’s kind of like an artsy, experimental music video without becoming pretentious. Which is very well done, to have a 13-minute long music video that is still artsy but not pretentious.

TV On The Radio – ‘You’

I love this one mostly because of the main core of the video, which is the band sitting together talking about how they hadn’t met each other since they retired a year back, and talking about what they’ve done since. Their acting skills are awesome, and it’s just pure comedy for like three minutes before the song actually starts. It’s pretty great.

Sharon Van Etten – ‘Your Love Is Killing Me’

I almost turned this one off when I first saw it, just because it’s a mediocre song and the clip is pretty slow moving, and I usually don’t like slow-moving clips. But there is a reward if you watch it all – I’m sort of ruining it by saying this, but you kind of have to watch the whole thing if you’re going to watch it at all.

The Shoes – ‘Time To Dance’

Just an amazing song, a and cool music video. With Jake Gyllenhaal starring in it, it’s bound to be good. It’s a super pumped up music video with a lot of aggression to be honest. And I really think that he nails it. Aggression is obviously an ugly thing, but I like to watch it in a music video and its kind of the kicker that he just wants to dance.

Canada – ‘Crème Caramel’

I usually get inspired for videos from films and clips and this is a great one, which is not a music video but a production house called Canada and they have a short called ‘Crème Caramel’. Or just about every Die Antword music video ever made.