Inspired by the Gorillaz incredible ‘Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)’ video that they also produced in 360 format, we have compiled a list of the best music videos shot in this engaging format.

Gorillaz – Saturnz Barz (Spirit House) 360

Director: Jamie Hewlett

This weird and wonderful version of the original ‘Saturnz Barz’ music video gives you the option to see the video from all different perspectives. The mixture of CGI and traditional animation leads to a disorienting reality. The opening orientation of the video where the viewer watches the video through a small portable screen on a train seems to make a comment on the medium which 360 VR videos are made to be viewed. This adds another layer of reality to the video, which starts in a ‘real’ 2D animated world and the characters slowly descend into a CGI spirit world within the house. This complex clip will take a couple of watches so check it out here.

King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard – Full Concert Live 360

Produced by: Revolution Media and Banalarama

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard never a band to miss out on an opportunity to make something spectacular and out of the ordinary. At one of the eight sold out Flying Microtonal Banana launch shows at The Night Cat in Melbourne earlier this year, this prolific band utilised the central stage set up of the venue made a 360 video of the entire set. With the changing point of views, from stage to crowd member, this video is the penultimate example of this technology used for its purpose. With a timestamped list of each song, including great tracks like ‘Doom City’ and ‘Gamma Knife’, this local band have made it too easy to engage with this clip whether it is for the full 1 hour 51 or just for a track. Buckle up, you won’t see such an impactful live video on youtube for a while.

Run The Jewels – Crown

Director: Peter Martin

The video for ‘Crown’ shows how the 360 medium can add depth to a relatively simple video idea. As you move around the space the various characters are seen to be interacting in different ways. This evocative video which gets you up and personal with Run The Jewels and the various characters is even more powerful in 360 degrees, as the position the camera gives the viewer a feeling of a presence within the video world. The characters surround the character and feel ominously close and when you look up in the video you are greeted with an overbearing sky leading to a vaguely claustrophobic yet powerful video. 

Nooky, Birdz , Urthboy, Thundamentals, L-Fresh the Lion, Tasman Keith, Ozi Batla, Kaylah Truth, Coda Conduct and Hau – Change The Date

Created by NITV’s 3LACK60 and Start VR

As shown with ‘Crown’ above, the surrounding feeling that VR can give the viewer in music videos can have make a real impression. In the case of this ensemble video created by NITV’s 3LACK60, which is making a very powerful statement as part of the Change The Date campaign that rose in the public discourse earlier this year on the back of songs like ‘Change That Date‘ and ‘January 26′ by AB Original. This video shows how 360 can really enhance a simple idea as this number of performers in a row in a conventional music video would not have the feeling of being surrounded by these commanding performers imploring you to listen to the message.


UFO GO – It Would Be Nice

The cost of 360 video production is a barrier for many independent bands but this clip by local Melbourne band UFO Go, is an excellent example of a cute low budget video in this format. ‘It Would Be Nice’ utilises the full rotating picture plane opening with the main character walking in the perspective art while multiplying . The video directs the viewer to look around as the various characters morph into different band members and the viewer moves the point of view in order to experience the changes. The overall effect is intimately engrossing, if a little dizzying.