We are really digging the new video for ‘Walkin’ Around’ by Melbourne artist Jade Imagine and so we put together a list of awesome Australian artists who’s music videos take us on a walk.

Jade Imagine – Walkin’ Around

Director / Producer – Clancy Walker

Inspired by The Verve’s ‘Bittersweet Symphony’, Jade Imagine takes a walk down the street in an unnamed hip suburb in Melbourne and doesn’t care who she pushes past or over. Many of the guests in this video are members of other local bands and other industry legends who react to her being a general assertive lady and causing mischief. Not only is this video a fun homage, but through the gender swap of the main character it makes a comment of the feminine body in the public space.

Saskwatch – December Nights

Directors: Lucy Alcorn & Rhys Kenny

The incredibly catchy song new song from Saskwatch ‘December Nights’ is beautifully matched by this slow mo video set in the Coburg Velodrome in Melbourne. As temperatures drop across parts of the country, this single take video reminds us of summer days and running fancy free.

Kid Sam – We Are Mostly Made Of Water

Director: Sherwin Akbarzadeh

This fantastic video comes from Melbourne duo Kid Sam. Despite the band dropping off the radar in 2012, presumably having broken up, this is still a mesmerising and detailed video. A beautifully simple idea, this clip seems at first to have an easily recognisable gimmick, yet continues to surprise and interest throughout.

Jack Ladder – Cold Feet

Director: Steve Rogers

We haven’t heard much from Jack Ladder in a while but there are rumours that there is a new album in the works. He has a few excellent music videos, but this one in particular stands out. Perfectly matching the song, the music video is an evocative scene which is steeped in emotional depth, showing a very recognisable disconnect between two former lovers.

The Smith Street Band – Surrender

Directors: Andy Johnson, Callum Preston and Chris Cowburn

Although an older video by national favourites The Smith Street Band, this video for ‘Surrender’ shows Wil Wagner coping the wrath of various people. Shot in a storm water overflow, this video suspends disbelief. You don’t even think about what a load of people are doing with flour, confetti and various sauces and what Wil did to deserve being assaulted with them, but it just matches the song so well.

The Goon Sax – Sometimes Accidentally

Director: Myles Van Ryan.

Selling out their recent show in Melbourne and heading to the UK to play The Great Escape, it appears that Brisbane awk-rockers The Goon Sax are on the rise. This quaintly honest love song is combined with a video that adequately reflects the lo fi aesthetic of their output. Particular mention goes to the emotional peak when the singer sad eats cookies and cola. Now there is something that everyone should be able to relate to.   

Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird – Melbourne Bitter

Director: James Robinson.

The alt-folk newcomers Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird named their debut EP after the ubiquitous Australian beer – Melbourne Bitter EP. The title track is a sad ode to a city which reeks of the accelerated nostalgia which grips millennials. The video captures this brilliantly with the vintage film home video feel that would warm any locals heart.