Ecca Vandal is a force to be reckoned with on the Australian music scene. She has been gaining notoriety across the country for some time now, and she’s just about to drop her highly anticipated self titled debut album out October 20 via Dew Process / UMA.

With a range of sounds and influences evident throughout the tracks that she has released so far, we wanted to get inside the mind of the young artist, and discover the music that inspired her debut record.

      1. Revolver – Rage Against the Machine – Evil Empire

        Rage Against the Machine’s Evil Empire has had a massive influence on my music, so it was hard to pick just one song off this record.  However, the track Revolver was the song I would always reference in the back of my head when writing my record.  It’s such a powerful song, dealing with domestic violence towards woman and the repercussions it can have on the whole entire family.

        Zach De la Rocha is one the greatest lyricists of our time and he paints such a haunting picture in so few words, which I think is genius.

        9. Thru the Walls – Death Grips – Ex Military

        Another album where every song is killer.  ‘Thru the walls’ was one of those songs that when I first heard it my head exploded.

        8. Window Licker – Aphex Twin

        Richard D James is like the Charles Mingus of electronic music.  This song makes me dig deeper to be as original and true to myself as I can possibly be.

        7. Money Trees – Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid Maad City

        Whenever I got disillusioned with the whole writing process, Good Kid Maad City would pull me back to the reality of “oh yeah, that’s what I love about music”.  Money Trees is that song that would make the woes disappear….. no matter how broke I am.

        6. Life and Limb – Fugazi

        A song which I tried to rip off but it came out completely different. I love this track, it’s one of those songs that puts you on edge only to enjoy the view.

        5. All I Need – Radiohead

        Seven studio album in and they’re still dropping classics!? All I need is a song that everyone should walk down the aisle to.

        4. Alec Eiffel – Pixies

        This song could have been written today, it’s timelss.  Such great energy in this song, it always makes me throw my fist in the air and dance around to room like crazy.  The theme in the outro where Kim Deal sings unison with the synth is perfect song writing.

        3. Hip Hop – Dead Prez

        Absolute Anthem.  People who aren’t even hip-hop heads can’t help but bang their heads to this.  But the best part of this party anthem is that when you open your ears to M-1 and versus, you get an education.

        2. Blue in Green – Miles Davis

        This is a masterpiece, anyone who knows this record can’t dispute that. I have listened to Blue in green over and over and it still moves me.  Bill Evans piano playing absolutely shines on this song. It teleports you to a cold wet night in the streets of New York but really your just sitting in your suburban house in Melbourne, staring at a Casio keyboard, drunk on cheap gin.

        1. Unravel – Bjork

        My favourite artist of all time.  This would have to be one of my favourite tracks of all time, this song always makes me have a little cry due to its pure beauty…..freaking masterpiece.

        The Melbourne based genre-defying and electrifying force in music, Ecca Vandal is also appearing at Falls Festival including Perth.

        Watch the clip here for ‘Future Heroine’ below.