After the release of their new EP, Strengthen My Hands, the eclectic indie-rock band Colour Machine will be embarking on their Australian tour at the end of the month.

The three-piece group from Adelaide have been commended on their songwriting and dynamic sound, similar to that of The Black Keys and System of a Down. Their immersive and impassioned live performances are a must-see for audiences, as they engross the crowd with a certain onstage intensity.

Describing themselves as a mix between The Strokes, Tame Impala, Wolfmother and The White Stripes, the group doesn’t just fit into one genre of music, which is illustrated in their EP. 

The six-song EP, which is the third release from the trio, explores themes of hope, loss and faith. While combining the Colour Machine’s signature alternative rock, Strengthen My Hands incorporates hip-hop, funk and folk music in their most personal release yet.

The title track is packed with attitude, showcasing the lead singer Anthony Donato’s passion and pain in the moderately paced track. The song also features a rap-like verse and an anthemic outro about “the new age”.

Maverick, a song about anger and hatred, is followed up by the song Fluorescence, which is about looking at yourself after criticising all the things wrong with someone.

The closing track, Jump Rope, combines finger-picked acoustic guitar and layered vocals to establish an eerie sensation. The soothing yet powerful, melancholic number discusses pain and recognising when it’s time to move on.

Colour Machine’s EP pushes boundaries in the alt-rock genre through through-provoking lyrics and sheer musical abilities. The AAA Backstage says that it is “yielding an unrelenting urgency of punk rock power”, while Scenestr reviews their latest single as a “Grinspoon-Muse-End of Fashion hybrid”.

The band will be touring Strengthen My Hands in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide from 29 November – 14 December.

For more information about Colour Machine‘s upcoming shows, they can be found here.