Clint Wilson is an emerging Australiana folk musician who is making an impression on the local circuit. His latest track ‘Don’t Stir Your Coffee If It’s Cold’ is set for official release on September 10th.

The track itself is a melancholic number that deals with the breakdown of a relationship and the ensuing inability to communicate with your partner.

Clint Wilson says this about the song:

“I was sitting in the kitchen writing the music and I had a cup of soup on the table next to me. I gave it a stir and had a sip and it was cold and I thought to myself “Why are you stirring it, it doesn’t need to be stirred” and then it gave me the idea for the song. The track is about a couple stuck in a rut, both dealing with their issues alone.”

Get down to Sookie Lounge in Belgrave on September 10th to celebrate the single’s release, and catch Clint Wilson‘s distinctive brand of soulful folk music in action.