Everyone loves a good boogie at the Gaso. But it’s not all that often you get to boogie and know that you’re supporting an important cause. Chatterbox is taking place at the Gasometer Hotel in Collingwood this Saturday the 12th of November, and features an astounding line-up including a Harvey Sutherland DJ Set (The Guardian UK just listed Harvey’s live outfit as their New Band of the Week), Jennifer Loveless, Prequel, Brooke Powers, DJ JNETT & Rambi, and DANNY HOTEP.

If you live in Melbourne, you may remember a party not too long ago on Nicholson Street, when the volume of people sitting on the roof of the carport at the 500 attendees strong event collapsed. Nobody was hurt, but it’ll surely be remembered by everyone who was there. The group who organised that notorious party are responsible for Chatterbox, which is a fun and light-hearted attempt to open up a discourse about issues surrounding ‘bro’ and rape culture in Australia.

Though it is only a small faction of the male population, there are those who disregard and objectify women while elevating their own gender, and glorifying violence, rape and disrespect. Too often, victims of this kind of culture are silenced and disregarded. The aim of the Chatterbox party is to break this mould, and to open up a chat about an issue that is too often stifled. It is an incredibly difficult conversation to have, but it is one that needs to happen to make a valuable change in society, and in the way we interact. Boasting an incredible line up, 100% of the proceeds from the event will be going towards the Women’s Liberation Halfway House Domestic Violence Service.

Chatterbox‘s organisers are aiming to empower those who have been affected by sexual assault, directly or otherwise, while providing a safe space for an open discussion. Aiming to get people educated and face the facts, and to stop allowing victims to be silenced, the event is an important step in the right direction of creating open dialogue.

The organisers describe it as “a great opportunity to educate each other, regardless of sex, gender or personal experiences.”

Chatterbox will celebrate the continuation of such a powerful movement, while also offering one hell of a good time with an amazing line up to compliment it.

Tickets are available online, or on the door.

Check out the event here.