Charlie Threads is one of the most promising young rappers in Australia. The Melbourne based talent, currently signed to 90’s RawDivercity has dropped a few singles on Soundcloud since his debut record Palm Trees in Graveyards in 2016, and ‘Smoking Cigarettes’ is the latest one. Charlie Threads has been making his way to a wider audience thanks to a collaboration with Alice Ivy on her single ‘Get Me A Drink’ which has received increasing attention online, and is currently on rotation on Triple J. Charlie told us that ‘Smoking Cigarettes’ is “really an audio painting, sonically depicting the emotions you go through after a break up with the person you love, and the thoughts that spawn late at night when you’re by yourself sitting and reminiscing over a pouch of Champion Ruby.” If you’re a smoker, that is all too real.

‘Smoking Cigarettes’ sees Vince Cheng on production duties, and embraces classic hip-hop stylings. “My homie Dimmy, Vince and I were just going through samples, and this one caught us all off guard,” Charlie explained. “I instantly felt the vibe, and the rest is in the song!” Charlie’s impeccable tone and delivery in conjunction with his relatable, somewhat forlorn lyrics gives ‘Smoking Cigarettes’ an immediate impact. The chorus hook is infectious, and simply commands repeated listens. We can’t recommend this one highly enough.