Untitled Group have just announced themselves as the latest Melbourne based collective, brought together by the creators of Beyond The Valley.

The collective embodies stacks of festivals and tours such as the Pitch Music & Arts Festival, as well as events such as Grapevine Gathering, For The Love, Melbourne electro hub XE54, Coburg Velodrome Events and the Anyway event series.

Driven by a genuine passion for music, Untitled Group aspires to continue providing sellout tours and new events to Australia, with the collective already providing 100 events annually.

Untitled Group features partners Nick Greco, Mike Christidis, Tom Caw, Fil Palermo and Christian Serrao.

Joining the already impressive Untitled Group team is Pia Del Mastro, with a background in managing major festivals like Stereosonic, Beyond The Valley and Creamfields and a passion for global artists development.

Success of previous stand-alone international tours such as Wu-Tang Clan have motivated the collective to further pursue up-and-coming artist management, aimed at delivering even more Australian talent to the forefront.

Untitled Group already harbors numerous local artists under their brand, including LastlingsBig Words, Ivan Ooze and Jordan Brando.

“This is such an exciting move and one that we have been working towards for quite a while, our events portfolio has really grown exponentially over the last few years and Untitled Group cements our place in a very competitive space,” Untitled Group co-director, Nick Greco, said.

“Being able to bring touring into the mix of what we do as a business will only help us with building strong line-ups, developing our event brands and developing our artists,” Greco concluded.

You can read more information on Untitled Group here.