For those of you heading to Pitch Music & Arts 2019, it’s time to start getting dolled up. I’m talking face-masks, spray tans, fellas get yourselves a new tropical printed button-up, a fresh bumbag, or whatever your party attire of choice consists of. There’s a chance that you’ll be broadcasted at the upcoming soiree for millions of people to see. This is not a drill. This is your time to shine.

The world-renowned Boiler Room institution has announced it will be collaborating with Pitch Music & Arts music festival, broadcasting the event to international audiences on the festival’s opening night. Boiler Room which can be considered a key entity within the thriving metropolis of dance music culture, often frequents all the capital cities of the world and has featured just about every critically acclaimed DJ under the sun. Amassing millions of subscribers on their YouTube channel alone, Boiler Room will act as the catalyst to take the upcoming annual music festival to new heights.

The broadcast which will take place on the festivals opening night, Fri 8th March, will happen between 7:30 pm-12: 30 am, exhibiting an array of both local and international artists. Roman Flügel, Optimo, Andy Garvey, Merve, and Toni Yotzi can all be considered key figures within their field, and will each deliver a one-hour set to be live streamed. So don’t forget to smile and wave to the camera so nan can watch you from home – and for goodness sake don’t embarrass her on an international scale.

Pitch Music & Arts will take place from Fri 8th – Monday 11th of March, suss the whole event here.