Peter Bibby – Medicine

Singer-songwriting Peter Bibby is back with his first song in four years, and it does not disappoint. From humble beginnings busking on the streets of Perth to playing on the bill at international gigs, Bibby’s place in the Australian music scene has become a force to be reckoned with. In ‘Medicine’, Bibby speaks of a tongue-in-cheek longing for all of the drugs while spending his days under the weather with a classic cold, singing “I came here for medicine, pseudo ephedrine, anti-inflammatories and a big box of codeine”, only to reach vocal peak with his delivery of “came here for pills – painkilling pills!” But just wait until you check out the video, where Bibby partakes in a gruesome stint on an operating table.  The tune has arrived just in time for Bibby’s appearance at this years Big Sound Festival, kicking off in Brisbane on the 5th of September.

Kathleen Mary Lee – The Dreamer

Paving the way for her upcoming second EP, alternative folk artist Kathleen Mary Lee‘s ‘The Dreamer’ is what heartwarming greyscale would sound like if it were a song – the kind that makes a photo nostalgic, or a film seem reflective. The tune is perfect for chilling on the backyard porch with no intent of leaving until the day comes to an end. Mix that with a soothingly beautiful synth and a sneaky magpie squawk field recording, and you have a song which cements the decision to stay cosy and warm at home for the night as the most sensible decision for your week.

T$oko – Blasphemy / The Mirror

Perth rapper T$oko‘s debut track is already making waves in Australia, and is one hell of a ride compacted into a tight 3 minutes and 45 seconds. His skills behind the mic are insanely inspired, drawing inspiration from a cocktail of hip-hop sounds that have universally influenced the genre over the years. It’s jazzy and light, with T$oko rapping in full force over the non-conventional song structure. A meaningful spin on Australian hip hop.

The Marion Cranes – Keys to My Heart

When it comes to finding the key to ones heart, it is plain and simple for The Marion Cranes“I’ve got the penis in me”.  In ‘Keys to My Heart’, the queer synth-pop duo flirt with synthwave basslines and hints of electroclash, to deliver a simple message while staying danceable and camp as hell.  Taken from their debut EP Sexy Motivation, ‘Keys to Your Heart’ has a subtle sound to it that hits you like a wave of pink smoke blowing through the air. But they are more than just a tongue in cheek electro duo, featuring performance art in their live shows and a wide array of genres in their other tunes, where you can find tracks that range from electro-house to smoky, guitar studded synth ballads.

Lime Cordiale – Temper Temper

The Sydney rockers have returned with an ode to that relief one feels once that fun-sponge acquaintance has finally left the building. As the lead single for their upcoming album, the duo (who are also brothers) deliver a funky indie rock tune with a schmoosing vocal thats lands somewhere between the rockier moments of The Beautiful Girls and the brit-pop indie rock invasion of the noughties. “I only like you when you’re leaving, I only love you when you’re gone” they sing in the chorus, only for the song to take a laid back turn with a chanting ‘ah yah yay’. ‘Temper Temper’ is a well-crafted indie pop cocktail that is just as much fun as it is staunch.

Genesis Owusu – Sideways

When it comes to dope beats, 19 year old Genesis Owusu has got you pretty much covered – launching an insanely good hip-hop tune that boasts a palette of obscure samples. While he sings a soulful tune, expect to hear a screechy flute, meddling bass and rolling distorted beats which will make you wonder where he has been hiding this entire time. The tune is just as much vocal and rapping as it is excellent production, with Owusu describing his sound as ’21st Century punk jazz’ – definitely an artist to look out for.

The Dardi Shades – Tuesday’s My Weekend

If you’ve been missing that dancey 00’s indie brit rock that possessed the airwaves all throughout the last decade, then The Dardi Shades are on a mission to bring it back for you. The indie popsters new tune ‘Tuesday’s My Weekend’  sounds like a beer soaked anthem for an indie disco night. The lads have also given producing privileges to Will Zegis of The Rubens, making for a promising catalogue of tracks to come.