Corniglia – I Don’t Know What to Say

Perth’s Corniglia brings us a dreamy guitar driven track that sounds as spacey as it is intact – a tune destined for those hazy late night driving stints in summer. It’s sometimes dream pop, it’s sometimes neo-psychedelia, and triumphantly teeters on the verge of shoe-gaze. Singer Chloe De Paoli’s whispery vocals are balanced against a gleaming soundscape to make for a sensible, tight slice of indie rock.

Peruw – Wolf or Man

Prolific Melbourne beatmaker and DJ Peruw has just dropped a chilly piece of jungle infused deep house with a loungey electric piano laced over a tight groove. It’s a party in a rainforest as the sun begins to rise and the iciness of night begins to melt away – beaming with optimism, yet casually reserved. The fact that Peruw distanced himself from the city in order to create music in a more remote setting really shines through on this reflective, intricate, yet utterly infectious number.

dave – Rock n Roll

Upon first impression, dave’s ‘Rock n Roll’ gives a surfy nod to the likes of DIIV, only to turn it on it’s head with a classic indie rock groove. Infused with elements of subtle noise rock (ranging from the lightly welcoming to the dingy and dirty) the track almost falls in with the likes of jangly math rock licks and post-hardcore aesthetics. An excellent hybrid tune fulfilling indie rock’s best moments of the past two decades. You can find more from the band’s May release YOCH! Bangers Vol. 1 on their Bandcamp page.

May Lyn – Touch Base

May Lyn’s brand of layered R’n’B is showcased eloquently in her new track ‘Touch Base’. Owning the wonky, disjointed beat, Lyn is effortlessly confident while remaining lusciously shy. The song is ambitious but it knows this, and Lyn spins the track on its head with a speedy spoken word second verse, as the song entangles itself into a low-key dance groove. You can find it on May Lyn’s forthcoming EP Vessels.

Jen Cloher – Regional Echo

Co-founder of Milk Records and Melbourne music legend Jen Cloher is returning with her new self-titled album on August 11. The first glimpse is ‘Regional Echo’, a stellar display of Cloher’s humble, soothing voice matched against a subtly paced passage of dreamy slowcore vibes. Channeling a retrained guitar, the tune is like a warm hug on that frosty cold morning, as the track emphatically wraps up with “I’m not gonna be anything more than what’s expected of me”.

You can check out the video below, featuring Cloher’s own bassist Boan Sloan.

Rat & Co – Soldiers

A electronic dream of flourishing smoke, with an ambient trip hop hinge and vocals that sound like they were recorded in an underground chamber. ‘Soldiers’ floats along the with shimmering synths and a pulsating bass that sound like they’re trying to barge past one an other, only to flail away once reaching their climax.

King Social – Lemonade

Taking Aussie hip-hop in a new direction, the hip-hop meets psychedelic soul five piece King Social have just dropped ‘Lemonade’. The track is a reflective exploration of the ambitions of success and the parental expectations that come with it, as the soaring chorus sings “I can feel your hand on my shoulder, spent too many days in the water”. Check out the track below off their upcoming debut album In Colour.