Hemm – ‘Angel Mind’

‘Angel Mind’ is like venturing into a cave full of crystals where any form of life is sound asleep, and all you can do is follow your footsteps further into the abyss of darkness. The track takes an ambient approach to the curious mind with a clunky percussive nature, calming vocals, and chirpy synths. When the breakbeat elements kick in you marvel in uncertainty, a realisation you’ve ventured into that cave a little too far and awoken all the evils that occupy it. ‘Angel Mind’ is an innovative and unpredictable piece of electronic music from an outstanding Melbourne duo.

Alexander Biggs – ‘Figure It Out’

Alexander Biggs’ indie folk embraces gentle beats, smoky harmonies, and lightly tethered acoustic rock. ‘Figure it Out’ is taken from Biggs’ debut EP Still You Sharpen Your Teeth and is loaded with sheepish optimism and nostalgic gold for that lone reflective drive. If you enjoy laid back tunes with a personified element that brushes up to the hazy likes of Sufjan Stevens, then Alexander Biggs is your next stop on the music train.

Lupine – ‘Thirsty’

‘Thirsty’ is a pop song that boogies at the heights of a dream pop escapade, while embodying the heartland psychedelia from the likes of Kurt Vile. It’s dancey and engagingly warm, riding a rhythm and style that saturated 60s girl group hits. It’s that final track the live band play at the high school prom, as curfew draws closer, and you still haven’t expressed your love for that to-be high school sweetheart. Its that moment when they turn around and see you standing there and everything concludes in slow motion. ‘Thirsty’ is Lupine’s return to the music scene since 2015’s EP The Hunter, and it is a slice of heart-warming indie pop at its finest.

Donald Dank & The Naughty Boys Naughty Boys Rule The World’

No stranger to serious business, Donald Dank & The Naughty Boys’ new track provides a realistic insight into what being a slightly petty criminal in Melbourne is really like. In ‘Naughty Boys Rule the World’, the boys bring important acts of rebellion to the forefront, from ‘being afraid of the police man’ to covering rule-breaking behaviour on public transport down pat, all over a funky, soulful jam. You can catch them tomorrow night at their EP launch, taking place at the Evelyn Hotel in Fitzroy.

Jesse Porsches ft Xavier Dunn – ‘The Weekend’

Sydney’s pop production mogul Jesse Porches‘ new track ‘The Weekend’ takes contemporary electropop to anthemic levels, featuring vocalist Xavier Dunn who chants “maybe its just for the weekend” over a tropical house inspired drop. Yet it’s not until the track’s final moments where the vocals take on an aesthetically pleasing auto-tune route over a distorted Caribbean keyboard sample where the track really thrives. The tune is a dance floor ready sing-a-long banger destined for those Friday night bar playlists.

Johnny Third – ‘Promises’

Johnny Third has enjoyed a huge year of support and success, and his new track is trap dynamite, opening with a clinking harpsichord over a light clapping snare fit enough for a music box lullaby before bed. As the beat erupts we have a climactic jam as he belts all he’s got over a floundering synth drop. A jam that teeters between the soft and hard elements of EDM makes for a very good time.

Caiti Baker – ‘Wolf’

Caiti Baker’s new track ‘Wolf’ is an experimental electronic soul banger which never ceases to entertain, structured within a blender of styles, taking her brand of jazzy pop music off the beaten track. Her harmonies range from startled calls to softened, yet confident bellows. As only her third solo single release, there is a lot to be excited by in Baker’s future.

The Sexicclesiastes – ‘The Ballad of Stan’

The Sexicclesiastes are a self-described psychedelic punk folk outfit. ‘The Ballad of Stan’ embraces just about every element of theatrical rock & roll in existence. We have a charismatic vocal that takes a slice from 80s psychobilly punk rock expertise (The Cramps), a brief horn section and a rhythm which takes pays tribute to Johnny Cash if he was in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The result is an innovative rock opera musical mash which is almost indescribable. The best part though, is The Sexicclesiastes (try pronouncing that one) nail this particular sound, bursting with charisma as an obvious indication of a fabulous live show. If you’re looking for something old school but particularly fresh, then The Sexicclesiastes are making music which you’re bound to enjoy.

bristles – ‘Falling’

Western Australia’s one man electronic act bristles, showcasing a thudding beat with soul-grabbing airy synths and gloomy vocals in his newest track ‘Falling’. Laced with ticking samples, the track feels like an endless space voyage to Jupiter and the musings that occur within the aircraft taking you there, but the final destination is so out of reach that all you can do is continue to move through space.