KOWL & Anjulie – Just Words

Hobart based producer KOWL‘s new offering is a slice of simmering dark electro pop. The man behind the KOWL moniker is Cal Young, and their latest offering is textured and brimming with personality. ‘Just Words’ incorporates a multitude of interesting elements, with the vocals of Anjulie giving it a pop edge. The wide, ambient synths and sweeping washes contrasted with the occasionally trap-esque drums allows ‘Just Words’ to flourish in a unique space. A gorgeous piece of music which will transport you to another place.

OHH YEH – Why Can’t Life Be Fun?

In our modern age, everything can seem very serious all of the time. We are surrounded by stress, anxiety, pressure, complex emotions, and an even more complex global climate. This makes the question phrased as the title of OHH YEH‘s new single all the more poignant. Indeed, why can’t life be fun? Clearly not taking themselves too seriously, the track is a joyous slice of alternative theatric rock, with an Australian inflection but a certain international flavour. ‘Why Can’t Life Be Fun?’ soars with a charismatic energy, and an infectious nature which begs the listener to move their hips. Lyrically, OHH YEH expresses their affinity for the finer things, raising the question of whether or not those luxuries could lead to the fun being sought. Why must everything be so serious all the time? It is a relevant question, delivered with the perfect balance of seriousness, and none at all.

Jesse Redwing – Turn Away (Feat. WILSN)

Jesse Redwing embodies a style lost in time, both musically and aesthetically. His clear understanding of the blues shines through in his music, though he adds a distinct modern twist. The Sydney native has had an affinity for blues music for a long time “I wasn’t born to the blues, but it found me somehow and now there’s no turning back.” His latest single features impeccable vocal performances from WILSN and Redwing himself – the result is a wholly original homage track with a distinctive hazy, smoky atmosphere. Simply put, there are very few musicians who can pull off this style of music with the clarity, chops and stylistic attitude of Jesse Redwing‘Turn Away’ is enjoyable in . so many ways.

Benny Sinclair – Hipster Chick

Benny Sinclair‘s new single is a slice of traditional boom-bap hip hop, complete with record scratches and sampled horns. His delivery is reminiscent of late 80’s and early 90’s hip hop – there is a fun and swagger to the track which is lacking from a lot of modern hip hop that tends to take on a darker, gloomier edge. Since disbanding the Melbourne based hip hop trio BouncerBenny Sinclair has been honing his craft in the studio, and producing his first solo album. ‘Hipster Chick’ is an ode to meeting someone on a night out, and in addition to its clear traditional hip-hop influences, it has tones of Latin music and funk sprinkled throughout it. ‘Hipster Chick’ was produced by Elvis Aljus and mixed by DJ Rellik.

Howlite – Gothic Romance

‘Gothic Romance’ is a very hard piece of music to pin down. It is characterised by a dense tapestry of ambient sound, underpinned by an consistent plucked electric guitar. The lush, expansive soundscape that serves as the driving current of the song is mesmerising; though singular elements can be defined, they seem to melt together into one thick blanket which carries ‘Gothic Romance.The haunting vocal of Alison Thom soars – though the delivery of the rather dark lyrics is at times subdued, the performance is utterly impeccable. There are dream-pop, shoe-gaze and and post-rock elements in the mix here, though they are threaded together in such a way that ‘Gothic Romance’ sounds fresh, and new. A track to melt away into.

May Lyn – Soliders

How many interesting sounds can you pack into one beat? On her new single ‘Soliders,‘ May Lyn seemingly addresses this question. The resulting beat is so engaging, and attention grabbing. The sheer detail that has gone into the assembly of each sound is remarkable, and the resulting collage of sound succeeds on every front. The Malaysian born, Brisbane based singer describes her music as a “delicate balance of minimal hip hop beats, mixed with atmospheric textures and ethereal vocals.” Even with its weirder elements considered, there is an infectious pop sensibility to the song – the melodies will repeat on you after a few listens. The “left, right, left, right” chant which appears throughout the song is somewhat reminiscent of Tom Waits‘ ‘Hell Broke Luce’, albeit in a far more palatable way. ‘Soliders’ is a fascinating track.