Tropical Strength – Let’s Take A Walk

Tropical Strength (not related to bug repellant) are two brothers simply known as Sir Dinsington and Al Foil. The duo from the New South Wales coast have delivered their psychedelic new single that is so full of joy. A far cry from their essentially improvised debut track ‘Sixtle’, ‘Let’s Take A Walk’ plays like a jumping castle in the summer with a warm bounce that makes it the perfect track to get through the final grip of the cold season.

Walker/Talker – Nothing Left

Walker/Talker, the Melbourne/Sydney duo of Alex Bennison and Kane Mazlin, may leave you in a puddle on the floor with their new song ‘Nothing Left.’ The pair may be familiar you, having being previously performed with Sans Parents and Hungry Kids of Hungary. Now, they are devoting their efforts collaboratively. “I’m trying to find you, but there’s nothing left…” sings the melting chorus which cuts plucks the heart strings. The track tells of trying to salvage something you love to no avail.’Nothing Left’ is an elegant textural journey that will leave you mesmerised.

Tropical Fuck Storm – Chameleon Paint

Ever wondered what The Drones, High Tension, Palm Springs & Harmony all together would sound like? Well, wonder no more because Gareth Liddiard, Fiona Kitschin, Lauren Hammel and Eric Dunn from those band respectively have formed the new supergroup, Tropical Fuck Storm. Their debut ‘Chameleon Paint’ is an experimental punk rock trip that was inspired by the negativity of our online culture and dwindling humanity.

Baytek – Anchor

Wollongong born producer Baytek has teamed up with Cyrus for the smooth electro-pop banger ‘Anchor.’ The vocals from X-Factor winner Cyrus lay smoothly on the tracks solid, powerful production. ‘Anchor’ seamlessly blends the strong beats and synths from a great electronic track with the effortless fun of a great pop stadium track. An ode to the people who keep us grounded and strong, ‘Anchor’ will have you singing along in no time.

Self Talk – Bedside Dictionary

Self Talk from Melbourne are back with their signature punchy, warm sound. Their new six track EP Almost Everything takes you on a sonic journey through diverse sounds and writing. Stacey Cicivelli‘s  high vocals on the ‘Bedside Dictionary’ bridge are particularly impressive as she sings through those little relationships you have that don’t really matter but still hurt when they end. The EP is made up of excellent riffs and awe-inspiring melodies. Listen to ‘Bedside Dictionary’ from Almost Everything below.

HYLA – Fraction

HYLA have strayed from their usual dreamy vibe and hit us with ‘Fraction,’ the tough, grungy side of HYLA that evidently they embody quite well. Fuzzed out guitar riffs and layers of vocals express the angst felt by frontman Alex Hayes in his limitations. Fraction’ comes ahead of their debut album Osaka, which will drop September 15.

Body Type – ‘Silver’

Sydney four piece Body Type mean business. The band has released ‘Silver’ after three very well received tracks and a successful run of shows. ‘Silver’ is a dip into blissful indie pop sounds that Body Type make expertly. The song is serene in its dreamy sound, but blends with a lo-fi garage tone that will have you wanting to seeing them live before you know it.

Slum Sociable – ‘Castle’

Formed in Melbourne but refined in London, Slum Sociable have premiered ‘Castle,’ the new song from their upcoming, self titled debut album out October 13. The brooding track describes the walls people put up to protect themselves and those who try to break through them to help. Pensive vocals layered over a low-tempo beat provide the perfect backdrop for the internal thought train that ‘Castle’ takes you on. It’s hypnotic and dark – but it will leave you wanting more.