Horrorwood Mannequins – Burn it to the Ground

Here to make your nightmares a reality Horrorwood Mannequins, who have just dropped their new track ‘Burn it to the Ground.’  The Sydney natives are known for leaving audiences at their shows shocked but wanting more. There is an undeniable intensity to Audri Medicate’s harsh and brazen vocals over the song’s heavy beat. Steeden’s glutinous riffs bring ‘Burn it to the Ground’ together, capturing the corrupted horror that Horrorwood Mannequins do so unbelievably well. Listen below if you dare.

Miss Blanks – FREQ U

The latest track from the refreshingly non-white-male addition to Australia’s hip hop community Miss Blanks is “FREQ U.” It’s an electro-pop focused feel good track, for a woman looking to have a good time. The tune comes with a stinging underlying message as a fuck you to the predatory guys in the club. “FREQ U” furthers Miss Blanks’ strong sexual swagger with a unclockable delivery and flow. She gives us invigorating lines about “taking your money like the ATO” and bragging about her head abilities. Miss Blanks is a rap beast, and a force to be reckoned with. We maintain that she is one of the most promising and relevant young voices in the Australian music community.

Pool Shop – Can You Dream?

After branching off from Brisbane band Major Leagues, and releasing the popular ‘How Long’, Jaimee Fryer has dropped the self produced Can You Dream?’ The mystical production which weaves its way through the song is gorgeous, whilst Fryer takes listeners on a journey encouraging you to dream despite hardship.

Bench Press – Burning Up

Melbourne based post-punk quartet Bench Press aren’t afraid to get to the point when venting about modern life. Their new single Burning Up’ is no exception. A paired back, irresistible piece of work, Jack Stavrakis’ vocals haunt in the most appealing way, pouring out his growing frustrations, pleading for a holiday. Underneath the song is simply heavy bass and clean guitar, while Stavrakis’ vocals sweep you away. Bench Press will release their debut, self-titled album via Poison City Records on August 25th. Get a taste of it with Burning Up.’

Noah Slee – Sunrise

New Zealand native n o a h s l e e delivers feel good vibes on ‘Sunrise’ his new song encouraging all those everyday epiphanies that pave the path we take through life. Slee‘s slick, soulful vocals are euphorically placed over some funky electronic synths and hip-hop beats. “Sunrise” takes you on a blissful journey through one of those bad days with a ray of hope that’ll leave you feeling ready and hopeful for tomorrow. Listen below.

Oddie Room Project – Do You Know

Named after the Oddie Room in the Art Gallery of Ballarat, the Oddie Room Project describe themselves as Chopin meets Chvrches. Their debut single “Do You Know” plays as Bach prelude/retro synthpop mash-up, creating a worrisome daydream in the most addictive way. Eleanor Davey delivers yearning emotional vocals over synth-heavy production on “Do You Know” that are utterly attention grabbing. Check it out below.

Maddy Jane – No Other Way

Heralding from Tassie, Maddy Jane has premiered her new music video for No Other Way’ a love song dedicated to Tasmania, encompassing all that comes with living in a small city. The song kicks off with a punchy determined energy that lasts till the very end, and the track is almost impossible not to move to. The video comes ahead of Jane’s first headlining national tour which you can find info on here.

Patrick Wilson – Nobody

Melbourne based Patrick Wilson delivers his new single Nobody’ which deomnstrates his hybrid sound, blending classic and alternative country. Wilson’s vocals will blow you away – wearing his heart on his sleeve he declares his love which can not be matched. Laid over 70’s style horns that follow the Van Morrsion school of rock, creating a wonderful feeling of nostalgia.

Jack The Lad – She Smiled

Jack The Lad has unveiled his latest ambient house creation, She Smiled.’ The warm house track gives good vibes, with clear synths and extensive beats the song is a beautiful soundscape that will make you smile. Jack The Lad is an up and coming, 19 year old indigenous Music Producer. Moving out of home at just 17 years old, he soon became a full time DJ/Producer. Now living in Orange, NSW, making music and playing it out on friday and saturday nights.

Clovr – Cold Feat. Amela

Hailing from the tropics of Queensland, 22 year old Clovr has released an exceptionally constructed electronica track entitled ‘Cold’ featuring the sweet vocals of Brisbane based Amela Duheric. The song’s melodies are clear with a bouncing beat that creates an undeniably fun electro-pop banger. Displaying production quality far beyond his years it’s clear that Clovr has a long career ahead with many silvery tracks like this one.

Cloud Control – Zone (This Is How It Feels)

Cloud Control are in the zone. 4 years ago, the tri released Rainbow City”, and now have given us Zone (This Is How It Feels), the the second cut of their highly anticipated follow-up to Dream CaveZone pulls out all the stops, with a delightfully enigmatic spoken word verse, rain speckled production and a vast sound. The band will play capital cities around the country this September to mark the release. Check out the track below.