Nice Biscuit – Boogie Board Muck Around

Brisbane’s Nice Biscuit have only been on the music scene for a short time, and with their second official single ‘Boogie Board Muck Around’, they prove themselves to be a formidable force. There is a vintage quality to the recording, and the nature of the song. It is a sweet slice of jangly, 60’s inspired pop, executed in a completely unique way. There are unexpected and delightful twists throughout the song like the recurring harmonica, and the psych-esque delay drenched vocals which creep in towards the end of the track as it builds in intensity. A gorgeous, fun-soaked and joyously infectious number.

Bajillionaire – Been Gone

‘Been Gone’ is a radio-ready banger in every sense, and comes from Sydney based producer Bajillionaire. Characterised by a triumphant melody and chord progression, big synths, trap hi-hats and slick production, this song has an empowering and fulfilling nature as it climbs to its satisfying and frankly huge conclusion. The vocal feature from Erin Finlay is a definite highlight.

Sophisticated Dingo – Head Talk

Sophisticated Dingo are a self-described “trash pop” outfit from Melbourne. Their new track ‘Head Talk’ is a lyrically self-reflective and melodically catchy number with just enough rough energy to head bang to, and just enough sweetness to sing along to. The lyrics which deal with acknowledging ones on faults in a rather forthright way, seem to stand in stark contrast to the tongue-in-cheek way the band present themselves, with dingo masks, and a doge meme superimposed on their single art. This is the most striking element of ‘Head Talk’ – it is simultaneously deadpan serious and slightly heavy in its lyrical content, but lighthearted and fun in its delivery.

Luke Seymoup – Charcoal & Oil

‘Charcoal & Oil’ is taken from Luke Seymoup‘s upcoming debut record, and follows his previous singles ‘Mosquitoes’ and ‘Doing Dishes.‘ The Melbourne based musician embodies many different skins, as evident in the starkly different singles he has released thus far, and the sheer range of influences which shine through in his music. ‘Charcoal & Oil’ manages to sound like a Paul Kelly anthem and a 90’s Smashing Pumpkin track all at once. There is a confidence and a wisdom to Luke Seymoup‘s music which is beyond his years, and we can’t wait to hear what else he has in store for us on his debut record due in August.

ELK – Affection

If you don’t yet know the name ELK, you had better get up to speed, because pretty soon you won’t be able to avoid it. This 17 year old rapper from Adelaide who describes his style as “like tasting Nutella for the first time,” has an incredible flow and delivery. Affection’ is a jazzy, soulful, trip-hop influenced track wrapped up in smoke and haze. Clocking in at just 1 minute and 20 seconds, the song is tragically, criminally short – but perhaps its biggest merit is in that it leaves you wanting so much more. Reminiscent of Baro and Remi‘Affection’ is indicative of very big things to come from this young man, who has already generated chatter on Triple J and elsewhere.

Maze Gezaw – All Night

Maze Gezaw is a Melbourne based rapper with an Ethiopian background. ‘All Night’ is the second single from his upcoming debut mixtape Nothing Else Matters. Another surprisingly young talent, Maze Gezaw recorded ‘All Night’ in a home studio before school – at 7AM. He has said of the song,  “I always wanted a track that people could relate to and when you listen to this track, you realize that this is reality. This track is different from what I usually make as I like challenging myself and not categorize my sound. This song has depth mixed with hype. It is about people that fall in love and the issues that come with it.” A promising talent, we can’t wait to hear what he comes out with on his upcoming debut release. 


It’s early days for CLYPSO, whose bouncy debut ‘YOLO’ features an undeniable deep house groove that is impossible not to move to. Immersed in its levitating beat is a string of sounds ranging from breezy synth samples, to brief stint of sinister club synths. CLYSPO’s vocals are the undeniably sleek star of the the commanding beat, which explodes into full force in its tropical house climax. If you are looking for something to fill the void of Santigold and MIA releases, CLYPSO is the perfect place to start.