The Jensens – Emotion

The Jensens new single ‘Emotion’ is just under ten minutes of playful funk, with a distinct 70’s flavour and psychedelic pop overtones. Recorded entirely in a home studio, the adventurous track grows and evolves as it progresses, taking on different forms and presenting itself in new ways. At the three minute mark, there is a beautiful lull led by a melancholic organ – this then descends back into an Afrobeat-esque, funky groove, denoted by a delectable saxophone line and bongo drumming. The vocal delivery is reminiscent of some of POND‘s best work, and each time ‘Emotion’ returns to its titular hook, “heart of emotion”, it seems to get catchier. The Jensens provide a unique journey through musicality, evoking a dense tapestry of emotions along the way. Truly worth the full 9 minutes and 42 seconds. Follow The Jensens on Facebook here. 

Leisure Suite – Shut Down

Here at Speaker TV, we have had a longstanding affection for the music of Leisure Suite. The soulful, chillwave vibes produced by the Melbournian duo and their pop sensibilities have always tickled our fancy, and their new single ‘Shut Down’ is no exception. The dusty synthesiser accompanied by crisp electronic drum patterns which lead the track is instantly alluring, and Bridgette Le’s vocal is assertive and attention grabbing, with an emotional gravity to it. The track is a feminist manifesto of sorts. Le has noted that she was “sick of being surrounded by the types of men who treat women as disposable because they think they’re more worthy or hold higher social status.” This feeling of being fed-up with that level of overt misogyny inspired the core message behind ‘Shut Down’ – “I wanted to shut them up or as the song says, shut them down.” Follow Leisure Suite on Facebook here. 

Hayden Calnin – Collision

‘Collision’, the new single from Hayden Calnin, is taken from his upcoming EP Dirt. There is a meditative quality to the track, a beautiful horn section creating an ambient musical bed upon which Calnin’s powerful vocal sits. The lyrics of ‘Collision’ seem to iterate a drink-driving tragedy, a picture which is painted with rather specific brushstrokes. A slow build gradually accelerates the song, feeling as though there will be a climactic payoff of sorts. Though, in a sense, this payoff never quite arrives – to the contrary, the song simply continues to climb, building an air of suspense, of anticipation around itself punctuated by a driving ride cymbal and rim shots. ‘Collision’ is haunting, mesmerising, and utterly gorgeous. Follow Hayden Calnin on Facebook here. 

Mitsunami – Personal (feat. New MTN)

Melbourne based electronic producer Mitsunami is known for his intricate and technical beats; he has a melodic and sonic sensibility to his tracks, while also having a clear understanding of what a dancefloor likes to get down to. His new track ‘Personal’ taken from the Personal/Power EP, leans more heavily towards late-night banger than chill electronica. It is hard hitting, bass-driven and just so much fun. Guest vocalist MTN flourishes over the beats, and the leading hook – “don’t take it personal, uh” is entirely infectious. A bit of a side-step away from his previous material, Mitsunami demonstrates a heavier side to his production on ‘Personal’  – and it works so very well. A track destined for the club floor, expect to hear ‘Personal’ on a late night party binge very soon. Follow Mitsunami on Facebook here. 

D’Opus & Roshambo – Paradise

An utterly shameless R’n’B, hip-hop pop banger. Joyful production and casual flow delivery, self-actualising lyrics and a soaring hook from Breana Marin punctuate ‘Paradise.’ With so much dark hip-hop populating the scene at present, it is always refreshing to hear a track that is just so much fun. The Canberra-based duo, who are three albums deep into their career, prove that they still have a lot to offer with this single. The duo has said that ‘Paradise’ is about “sharing your inner peace and finding a place of positivity, inclusiveness and contentment in the world. We hope you love it as much as we enjoyed creating it.” Follow D’Opus & Roshambo on Facebook here, and grab a limited edition 7″ vinyl single of ‘Paradise’ here. 

The Trepids – Fiend

Melbourne’s The Trepids offer a sombre, reflective and spell-binding debut that descends into a bombastic and chaotic affair with their single ‘Fiend.‘ The duality created by the two contrasting styles that the track embodies is intrinsically delightful. The unexpectedly brash turn that ‘Fiend’ takes at the halfway mark causes the listener to stand at attention, whilst the preceding half is far more subdued. As far as debut singles go, ‘Fiend’ is a rather clever choice, as it showcases two distinctly different personalities of the same band, all within the space of four and a half minutes. The Trepids will officially launch ‘Fiend’ this Sunday the 9th of July at Bar Open in Fitzroy with Lukewarm Iced Tea and The Ninth Dimension. Check out the Facebook event here, and follow The Trepids here.