Dreamy Melbourne based duo SAATSUMA have released their highly anticipated new track ‘Stay,’ a tantalising precursor to their upcoming debut album, set to be released in August 2017. SAATSUMNA is comprised of Memphis Kelly and César Rodrigues. The pair have showcased their talent and creative flair, performing alongside the likes of PNAU and Thelma Plum whilst strongly holding their ground within the electronic music scene. Kelly’s soft and airy vocals layered over the top of a heavy bassline and an arpeggiated analogue synthesiser will leave you hip swaying whilst simultaneously applying the thoughtful lyrics to all your past romances. You can see SAATSUMA perform this one live for the first time at New Slang on Friday, July 7th at the Melbourne Arts Centre, get tickets here.

Time For Dreams – Lighthouse

Amanda Roff and Tom Carlyon aka Time For Dreams  have released their newest track ‘Lighthouse’ to get you ready for their upcoming EP release In Time. The pair who are signed with It Records, continue to surprise and impress their growing fanbase and have created a sensual and dream inducing soundscape in this latest release. Striking somewhere between the lines of electronic, ambient pop, and even jazz, ‘Lighthouse’ was written as ‘a perfect balance of being together and being alone‘. It will make you feel like lounging in a dimly lit hotel bar in a dazzling evening gown, or even lay on the beaches of Santorini drinking an Apperol Spritz – whichever comes first. You can pre-order In Time here.

Swamp – Keep It Coming

This five piece indie rock band based out of a shoebox sized band room in Melbourne have released their second track to date Keep It Coming’. It is certain that the talent and potential of Swamp infinitely surpasses the size of their rehearsal space. This track is a follow up from their debut release ‘Don’t Need It’ and maintains the down to earth, Aussie surfer boy aesthetic that this group exudes. Listing their influences as Unknown Mortal Orchestra and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, it is to be expected that Swamp will rise to the level of success that their heroes have achieved, as their career jumps from strength to strength. *Must listen to this one with the windows down driving down the coast.

Catch Swamp live on Thursday, July 29th, at the Tote, grab your tickets here.

Silver Linings – Like Before

Feeling like it’s been taken straight out an 80’s pop utopia Like Before’ oozes soul and charisma, and is the latest tune from Melbourne trio Silver Linings. Band members Françoise d’Argent, Benny Badge, and Lachlan Peavey radiate good tunes and good vibes with such finesse, they convincingly emulate the distinguishable style of the 80’s, shoulders pads and all. Featuring a smooth electric piano, soulful vocal harmonies and a warm pop synthesiser, you’ll be step and clapping your way through this tune for days to come. Their debut LP So Good To You is available here.

Kaz Garaz – You Won’t Do

‘You Won’t Do’ is the second track from Kaz Garaz‘s debut EP, and perfectly sets the tone for this Melbourne band’s future output. This four-piece blues-rock band emanates a sense of nostalgia that can only be felt when listening to music that truly moves you. From humble beginnings including beers, a jam session, and backyard gigs at friends houses, these boys are going to go very far. With vocals that resemble that of early Bowie and a hauntingly beautiful guitar chord progression which will remind you of the work of Neil Young‘You Won’t Do’ has a sense of sureness about it – it’s impressive that this is the first body of work released by Kaz Garaz. Purchase their EP here.

Banoffee – Ripe

The ultimate cool girl Banoffee has left the nest and set her feet firmly on Californian soil, but that hasn’t stopped Melbourne proudly claiming this songstress as our own. Martha Brown aka Banoffee has released her latest track ‘Ripe’ which is a perfect reminder of how much we love her music, her unique style, and her bad-ass attitude. This solo producer/singer/songwriter/ice-cream flavour began her musical career as a young girl who was ‘interested in old keyboards‘ and had a desire to create interesting and unique sounds. From this passion project grew an artist whose alternative pop, electronic, RnB style gained her recognition on a global stage, including a personal event invitation from hip-hop gurus Outkast. Now with numerous artist award nominations under her belt, including ‘Best Song’ and ‘Best Female Artist’ in 2014, and having featured in Vogue magazine, it’s no wonder this youngster wanted to expand her horizons. ‘Ripe’ is a bass heavy pop track that stemmed from an experience of being ‘forced to try new techniques within songwriting‘ after having moved to the USA. This track is a taste of the journey Banoffee has had, and also what is to come.

Pacific Tide – 3:15

From the Northern suburbs of Perth comes the newest up and coming indie, punk rock band to make waves in the Australian music scene – Pacific Tide. Their music may strike you as the musical offspring of Blink 182, Arctic Monkeys, and Good Charlotte, and may also make you want to go for a really long surf with its ‘nothing really matters’ vibe. This is the third track released by band members Harry Goodacre, Hamish McAinsh, and Riley Sutton, and also perfectly summarises the cool boy style that the group embodies. What this group lacks in experience (having joined forces less than 2 years ago) they make up for in pure talent, and their latest track ‘3:15′ is just what you need to get over your Monday-itis.

The Love Junkies – Past Intense

This fast-paced, headbanger of a track is another impressive piece created by Western Australian natives The Love Junkies. After taking 6 months off to clear their mind and build up their creative juices, ‘Past Intense’ is the product of the group’s ability to mix up the songwriting process. The band describes the track as when “you’re too drunk and high, and running your mouth about bullshit you’ll regret in the morning“. Perfect. Clocking in at 1 minute and 38 seconds, ‘Past Intense’ is an awesome addition to the group’s impressive resume, and will leave you with a live fast feeling that is too infectious to ignore.

Lucy Rose – No Good At All

Plucked from her upcoming album, Lucy Rose has released ‘No Good At All’ a taste of what she’s been cooking up the last few months. Clad in mustard high-waisted pants, and with a fringe that reminds us why the 70’s were so cool, ‘No Good At All’ is a romantic ballad to listen to if you’re heartbroken, crazy in love, or just appreciate beautiful music. The soft arpeggiated piano, and delicate vocals make this a dreamy sonic journal and reinforces why Lucy Rose is just so damn good. Keep an ear out for her album Something’s Changing, due to be released on July 7th 2017.