Elkkle – Didereot

Melbourne based producer and artist Elkkle, fresh from a recent collaboration with Golden Vessel, has just released his new single; ‘Didereot’. Accompanied by a provocative video, ‘Didereot’ is a spiralling, experimental track that showcases a number of interesting analogue sounds, punchy vocals and daring, intricate beats. According to Elkkle this song is about humanity itself, and centres around ideas of identity and consumption.

“On one hand, this song is about how we are often powerless against the rationale of the human condition. On the other, it’s about how we grow and change as people and how those in our life come and go unanchored.”

‘Didereot’ is unapologetically unusual, as is Elkkle who is expected to release more music moving into the latter half of 2017. If you are interested in catching Ekkle live, he will be touring Australia in support of Golden Vessel later this month. Dates here.

Georgia State Line – Heaven Knows

Melbourne based band Georgia State Line‘s second single and title track from their forthcoming EP, ‘Heaven Knows’ oozes the type of country innocence that may make you think of Emmylou Harris or perhaps even Norah Jones. This dreamy ballad blends folky melodies with authentic country feels, and leaves you feeling like you have been told an intricate story that you can’t quite recall. Produced by Aj Bradford, Georgia State Line‘s forthcoming EP ‘Heaven Knows’ will be released independently on July 7th and, following there performances across Australia, including the National Folk Festival in April, much is expected from this five piece.

Drunk Mums –  Ode to Death

Based in Melbourne, Drunk Mums rock, punk, garage sound harks back to the days of old school punk, reminiscent of The Stooges. ‘Ode to Death’, their new single from their forthcoming EP; ‘Denim,’ takes a small step back from their energetic ways and portrays more sombre, bleak undertones – however it is still typical of their loose garage sound which can be seen on previous tracks such as ‘Plastic’ and ‘Nanganator’. Notorious for their chaotic shows and stage presence, Drunk Mums are celebrating the release of their new single by venturing off on an Eastern seaboard tour. Be sure to get along if you enjoy wild live music, with a sprinkle of mosh pits.

Tour dates;

Saturday 12th August – The Tote, Melbourne
Tuesday 15th August – The Zoo, Brisbane
Friday 18th August – Chippendale, Sydney
Saturday 19th August – Rad Bar, Wollongong

Robb White – Drugs

Producer/songwriter Robb White has released a new psychedelic, trip inducing number; ‘Drugs.’ Off his EP ‘Sour Lemon’ which was described by Robb as being “very uncomfortable to listen to,” ‘Drugs’ floats around leaving you wondering whether you are day dreaming or whether you yourself are on drugs. It is engaging, thoughtful and clever and should be listened to more than once, but not on repeat as you may lose an entire day. Find Robb White on triple j unearthed and ‘Sour Lemon’ on soundcloud.

Jazz Party – Flowers

Jazz Party have only recently released their single ‘Flowers’ and yet it already seems to be gaining traction. The eight-piece powerhouse with a punk attitude, furious drums, soaring vocal harmonies and horns aims to combine New Orleans revelry with a punk attitude. An odd mix you might think, but it seems for them a match made in heaven. Based in Melbourne and incorporating a bunch of musicians from other outfits, ‘Flowers’, has a Cat Empire feel however with more depth and meaning. Slinky and soulful, ‘Flowers’ incorporates jangly keys, upbeat horns, and hooky melodies that will keep you humming the tune for hours on end. It moves in an interesting direction and sometimes feels like you are listening to the soundtrack of an old Disney classic. Like all of their music, it is an outrageously good time that conjures such an urge to move – which is exactly the atmosphere at every one of Jazz Party‘s utterly raucous shows. In many ways, this track embodies the feeling of a live Jazz Party set – particularly when frontman Darcy shouts “let’s get the horns back in!” If you want more from this eight-piece group and one of our personal favourites here at Speaker, then head on over to their triple j unearthed page.

Leah Senior – You Were Not Fit For The Day

Leah Senior, Melbourne folk singer and songwriter, has only just dropped her sophomore album; ‘Pretty Faces.’ It is an emotional, transfixing, beautiful album that is a superb mix of folk, blues and well-written lyrics. It is easy to gather that Senior is influenced by pivotal folk icons such as Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell, however, she does not copy or imitate. She is unique and her recent single ‘You Were Not Fit For The Day’ demonstrates this uniqueness perfectly. Her piercing, somewhat eerie vocals underpin the entire song and increase its already immense storytelling nature. She captures tones of love, emotion, regret through musings of life in general. Some may think that folk music can be put on in the background –  however if you try this with ‘You Were Not Fit For The Day’, you will be steadily sidetracked into listening to the entire album back to front. Signed to King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizards label, Flightless, Leah Senior only seems to be getting started.

Harmony Byrne – Demise

Currently in the process of recording an album, Harmony Byrne and band have released ‘Demise’, a 7 minute long journey of folky goodness. It is an immersive song, featuring an immense groove and showcasing Harmony Byrne‘s huge vocal pipes that sometimes, towards the end, trigger a Nicholas Allbrook vibe. Naughty electric guitar tones, wavy drum beats and some spoken word all add to this track’s different flavour and enhance its stand out qualities. It is rather ambitious to release such a long track as a debut single, and yet it sets the tone for Harmony‘s future work – she does everything differently, and this will distinguish her career grows. If ‘Demise’ is any indication to the quality of the album currently being worked on by Harmony Byrne then it is set to be a very intriguing album. If you are yet to catch Harmony in a live setting, you certainly should make this a priority as her shows are utterly wonderful.

Jack River – Fools Gold

Hailing from Forster on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales, Jack River is back with her alt-pop, glittery, shimmering sounds with her new single ‘Fools Gold.’ Conceived in New York on a cold and blustery evening, ‘Fools Gold’ draws direct comparisons with the sounds of the early 2000’s and the likes of Tame Impala, Pond and MGMT. Accompanied by a dreamy video by Matt Sav (Tame Impala, Pond), ‘Fools Gold’ takes the listener on a journey through the humanity of repeated mistakes.

“I wanted to write a song for that emotion – the relentless humanity in thinking something is gold when it just isn’t. The hope and sadness and repetition, but the sweetness of truth once you find it. It’s also kind of about realising that your fool’s gold is often someone else’s gold and feeling momentarily lonely, but okay with it,” says Jack River about the track.

Rolling Stone best sums up this track; “Dirty pop doused in glitter with whispers of a Mexican sunset.”

Catch Jack River and an all female ensemble at the Metro in Sydney on the 30th of June or at the Corner in Melbourne on the 1st of July.