Slum Sociable – ’14 Days’

The ultimate cool dudes next door Miller Upchurch and Edward Cregan Quinn aka. Slum Sociable have made magic in the form of their debut self-titled album which dropped last Friday. The 12-track release is a beautifully decorated landscape which embodies the cruisy electronic rock sound the duo have become synonymous with. The pair in an interview explained that the album is a product of some difficult life experiences, “sometimes it’s easier to make music than to talk about the shit that you’re going through“. ’14 Days’ takes you on a journey, Upchurch‘s vocals guiding you through mellow jazz chord progressions, stabbing synthesizers, and a driving beat.

ALTA – ‘Sentiment’

The latest track from Melbourne duo ALTA feels a bit like you’re walking through a soft and luscious daydream. Hannah Lesser and Julius Dowson aka. ALTA aka. absolute wizards when it comes to a gnarly gear collection will soothe and serenade you with ‘Sentiment’, a much more romantic sound to their last EP release in 2015, Sincere. The song has been described by the pair as “unravelling lies and being confident in accepting the truth“, a beautifully honest sentiment to a beautifully intricate track. You can catch ALTA this Saturday the 2nd of December at Northcote Social Club, get tickets here.

Ford Miskin feat. Theophilus London & Samsaruh – ‘Do It Better’

20-year-old Ford Miskin has collaborated with 19-year-old singer Samsaruh and Theophilus London to conjure audible gold, and it’s making us damn well impressed that these youngsters are doing so well for their age. The Byron Bay producer has in the past worked with the likes of Rya Park, Woodes, and Xavier Dunn, proving that his unquenchable thirst for creative collaboration has no limitations, and it’s keeping him at the top of the game. The track runs deep with wide ethereal swells, huge beat drops, and ambient soaring vocals, making it one that’s expected to be on rotation over the summer months. Theophilus London who famously featured on Kanye West‘s 2014 album is a huge name to feature alongside Ford Miller‘s, it’s sure that ‘Do It Better’ will take the young producers career to new heights.

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard – ‘Crumbling Castle’

Neo-psychedelic rock band King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard remind us why they’re killing it all over the world with their latest album release Polygondwanaland (don’t stress too much over the pronunciation of this one). The first song off the album ‘Crumbling Castle’ clocking in at over 10 minutes long is a gritty, lo-fi, aggressive and sultry sonic experience, sure to make you feel all kinds of rage, peace, and mysteriously hypnotized. This is the fifth album of the year from the Melbourne band, taking their album count to a whopping 11 studio album releases. Their rapid productivity is definitely working for them, sending them touring internationally more than once and even playing a live performance on the Conan O Brien show earlier this year. You can see King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard play this one live at Gizzfest in Melbourne this weekend, grab tickets here.

Love Deluxe – ‘Silk Mirage’

If you haven’t heard of Love Deluxe before, it’s definitely a name you want to remember. The Sydney producer who appears to have conjured out of thin air released his debut EP Silk Mirage, a grand and unignorable entrance to the Australian dance music scene. ‘Silk Mirage’ is a delicious combination of 80’s nostalgia, lo-fi house, featuring some wicked electric guitar action and some upbeat bongo rhythms. It’s no surprise he was picked by Spotify as a Spotlight artist this year. Catch him playing the Boiler Room at Sugar Mountain Festival in early 2018.

Cheekbone – ‘Knowing Me’

Cheekbone is the dreamy enigmatic solo project from North Queensland producer Adib Parker. Formerly a member of Lost Boys, Cheekbone has deconstructed and rebuilt his sonic aesthetic and is ready to take on the world as an entirely new artist. ‘Knowing Me’ in itself is a dark and brooding soundscape that is beautifully sprinkled with elements of softness, the accompanying music video is a confronting documentary/ home movie-style narrative that tackles mental health. The visuals beautifully compliment the sounds that Cheekbone has created, and is sure to convince fans he isn’t just an expert at the dynamics of audio production but understands the role that powerful visuals play in the creative process. The video was premiered at Sydney’s Clipped event last month, give it a watch below.

Tiny Little Houses – ‘Entitled Generation’

Tiny Little Houses use their music as an uninterrupted commentary on society in their latest release ‘Entitled Generation’. The Melbourne 4 piece band who dabble in the genres of, pop, rock, indie, and lo-fi noise raise some valid points in this one, tackling issues of inflation, and participation trophies in the most head-bangingly cool way. They are about to embark on a tour at the beginning of 2018, debuting their album Idiot Proverbs, check out dates here.

Sleep D & Albrecht La’Brooy – ’31 Degrees’

The kings of sound Sleep D & Albrecht La’Brooy have done it again and created literal ambient deep house magic with their latest track ’31 Degrees’. Released through the label Analogue Attic Records which was formed by Alex Albrecht and Sean La’Brooy (aka. Albrecht La’Brooy – very clever), they acquired the talent of Butter Sessions superstar Sleep D to create this piece of work, releasing it in their EP After The Rain. “Its deep and dubby atmosphere with intent is sure to beguile those early hours dancefloors“, this is definitely a track you’ll be hearing on heavy rotation on the dancefloor this summer.

PNAU feat. Vera Blue – ‘Young Melody’

Australia’s claim to international fame, PNAU, have made us proud once again with the release of their latest album Changa, featuring this absolute banger ‘Young Melody’. The Sydney based electronic dance music trio acquire the help of songbird Vera Blue in this one, using their quintessential futuristic house/pop sound to take Vera‘s vocals out of her comfort zone. Their latest release ‘Chameleon’ definitely warmed up fans before the release of the album, making it a dance floor anthem in the summer of 2017. ‘Young Melody’ is sure to match and exceed the success of the trio’s last releases, catch this one live at Beyond The Valley music festival in the new year.

SO.Crates – ‘Kush/Divide’

The worlds of hip-hop, soul, jazz, and funk collide and explode in the form of SO.Crates. The Melbourne based duo have released a double single with ‘Kush/Divide’. Following their cassette release of Static Methods in 2016, the pair is re-releasing the body of work, and enhancing its elements featuring the talent of some of Melbourne’s best artists. Honing the talents of Laneous, 30/70, Amadou Susso and Senegambian Jazz Band, SO.Crates are the physical embodiment of a vast history of musical influences, the epic collaboration of Melbourne artists, and a modern tip of the hat to some old school greats such as De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest. The accompaniment of Allysha Joy‘s husky jazz tonality will soothe you in ‘Divide’ while ‘Kush’ will make you want to strut your way down the streets of Melbourne. Check out the video clip for these two below.