Ford Miskin – Do It Better

Byron Bay producer Ford Miskin (AKA FØRD) has once again teamed up with Samsaruh on his new track ‘Do It Better’. The atmospheric electronic opener expolodes into a full blown dance track at the chorus. Finally, the track features US rapper Theophilus London, known for his collaborations with Kanye West and Solange, delivering a fire verse smack bang in the middle of the track.

Tiny Little Houses – Entitled Generation

“I’m 25 and still not living out of home. Got two degrees and I’m still working on the phone” is how indie pop rockers Tiny Little Houses kick off their new social commentary track ‘Entitled Generation’. Taking aim at the so called “lazy” youth of today (or more so the baby boomers who label millennials as entitled) the witty and way too real lyrics are driven home by fast paced percussion and wailing guitars.

Sellars – Linear Time

South Australian brothers and multi instrumentalists Andy & Duncan Sellars bring a unique mix of indie rock and psychedelic sounds to their new single ‘Linear Time’. Keeping it simple and catchy with a basic hook made up of some “Woo’s” and “Yeah Yeah’s”, Sellars carve out a distinctive and eccentric sound on this new single.

Bloods – Bug Eyes

‘Bug Eyes’ is the new single from Sydney three piece Bloods. The catchy punk rock track is beautifully crafted with punchy drums and a driving bass line capped off by the brilliant vocals from MC‘Bug Eyes’ truly feels like a throwback to the great female lead punk bands of old, while keeping it fresh and fun.

The Tapes – You Know It’s Real

‘You Know It’s Real’ is off The Tapes debut self titled EP, and features some awesome retro synths coupled with dreamy falsetto’s . When you factor in the wonderfully fast paced percussion and sleek production, you are left with an excellent indie dance track from an incredibly talented duo.

Luboku – The Surface

The first music Luboku has released since his 2014 collaborative EP At Dawn, ‘The Surface’ is an absolutely incredible track from the Melbourne producer. It’s a dark and brooding electronic track that seems designed to be played in your car while driving through empty streets at 3am. Luboku delivers one of the best electronic tracks of 2017 here.

Squid Doctors – Miserable Mr Burns 

Hailing from Corowa in New South Wales, Squid Doctors bring a dreamy alternative rock sound to ‘Miserable Mr Burns’. Not only is there some slightly disturbing Simpsons related cover art for this single, but the catchy “You’ll fall in love” refrain at the end of the song is the stuff that instantly garners a cult following.

Jo Vertigo – That’s Sick

If there is a greater line in Aussie rock than “You don’t have anything that makes you feel nice, and you don’t have anything because you smoke ice” I’d certainly like to hear it. A really fun punk rock track from Jo Vertigo‘That’s Sick’ is what indie punk is all about; raucous guitars, a homely garage atmosphere, and hilariously relatable lyrics.

Orlan Dee – Twentysixteen

Originally from Berlin, Orlan Dee has recently relocated to Melbourne and has brought their experimental mix of rock, funk and jazz along with them. ‘Twentysixteen’ offers a very unique blend of alternative indie rock with funk, complimented by vocals that grow on you after every line. Definitely something different, but it works on so many levels.

Mwansa – The Greatest Love I’ve Ever Known

Coming off the back of two well received singles ’10 Pounds’ and ‘3 Summers Ago’, Mwansa delivers a stunning vocal perfomance on his new single ‘The Greatest Love I’ve Ever Known’. There is nothing but raw emotion on this track, backed up by a quiet guitar, with the spotlight solely on Mwansa as he delivers in spades.