Fan Girl – ‘Disappear’

Fan Girl have dropped their second single, ‘Disappear’, a hard hitting indie pop-punk track with a punchy blend of guitars and drums. The song is taken to another level by the reserved vocal’s from Noah Harris which transforms ‘Disappear’ from just another indie rock song to something truly unique. Fan Girl will be touring their new single as they support British India and Ecca Vandal in Victoria in November.

Nakatomi – ‘Wooden Castle’

Adelaide based alternative electro-pop duo Nakatomi‘s first single for 2017, ‘Wooden Castle’ is sure to get you moving with its slick production and dreamy vocals. Driven forward by an infectious beat, the song builds to a powerful hook that will leave you wanting to go back and give ‘Wooden Castle’ another listen. ‘Wooden Castle’ is the first track off Nakatomi‘s upcoming EP scheduled for release in 2018.

ALTA – ‘Sentiment’

‘Sentiment’ is the new single from soulful Melbourne electronic duo ALTA. This new track takes inspiration from trip-hop, with hypnotic rhythmic loops and low key production coupled with the soulful R&B vocals of Hannah Lesser leading to an understated yet stunning dance track.

Creature Fear – ‘Please Me’

Drawing influence from rock band from the 60s and 70s, Melbourne five piece Creature Fear‘s ‘Please Me’ kicks off with some garage rock drums and a wicked bass-line, before going full blown indie rock on one of the most enjoyable songs you’ll hear this year. ‘Please Me’ jumped inside the top 10 of the Triple J Unearthed charts and it isn’t hard to see why.

Polish Club – ‘Gimmie Money’

Coming off the back of their beloved 2017 album Alright AlreadyPolish Club have dropped a brand new EP Okie Dokie. The lead single ‘Gimmie Money’ is quintessential Polish Club, combining a mix of pounding drums and roaring guitars to add another epic rock song to the already long list of entries from the Sydney rockers.

Tom Dockray – ‘Here’s To You and Me’

Tom Dockray‘s ‘Here’s To You and Me’ is a truly beautiful country/blues song. Featuring Dockray‘s soothing and sensual voice intertwined with some masterful fingerpicked guitar, all building to an epic chorus with some gorgeuos backing vocals and heartfelt lyrics. ‘Here’s To Me and You’ is the first single off Tom Dockray‘s upcoming second album and Tom will be touring the single across Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland throughout November.

Pretty City – ‘Nothing Happens For Free’

Melbourne four-piece Pretty City are back with another huge Britpop inspired, stadium rock anthem, ‘Nothing Happens For Free’. Combining a mix of Psych rock and Shoegaze grunge, ‘Nothing Happens For Free’ is an out of control song that will get stuck in your head in an instant. ‘Nothing Happens For Free’ is the first single off Pretty City‘s second album, Cancel The Future, due for release in early 2018.

MAYA – ‘What Are We Worth’

Melbourne future soul artist MAYA delivers big with her new track ‘What We Are Worth’, which showcases her truly exceptional vocal talents. These incredible vocals are delivered over a scintillating electronic beat that gives a very new age take on a classic soul feel. MAYA will be launching the Future Soul EP in Melbourne on the 1st of December.

Magnets – ‘Fight’

‘Fight’ by Melbourne pianist and singer-songwriter Magnets is a haunting and extremely atmospheric alternative pop song. The track features an incredible vocal performance from Magnets, as it builds towards a final epic climax, with Magnets proclaiming “you love me but you don’t want me” – there is passion and pain behind every utterance in this track.

tomtom – ’95ish’

tomtom‘s ’95ish’ is a grand, yet to the point hip hop inspired track that brings a very different sound to the Australian hip hop scene. Drawing inspiration from electronic and alternative genres, ’95ish’ isn’t your typical hip hop track, with tomtom bringing some soulful vocal’s to a trap inspired beat. And oh boy, those chimes are lovely.

The Citradels – ‘Milk and Honey’

Taking influence from artists such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Lovetones, Melbourne psychedelic outfit The Citradels bring a trippy out of space sound to their new track ‘Milk and Honey’The Citradels manage to combine classic psych-rock sounds with sci-fi effects for something straight out of a 1970s acid trip.

HANSAA – ‘Primavera’

Teaming up with Peruvian born singer A.CHALHANSAA brings a very slick and wonderfully produced trap inspired hip-hop beat to ‘Primavera’. Not determined to be defined by the genre however, HANSAA adds bit of Latin flair to the track, while A.CHAL‘s R&B chorus turns ‘Primavera’ into a sexy and stylish genre bending track.

Timi Temple – ‘Sands Of Time’

Timi Temple, who has spent time as the guitarist for Kilter, has turned out a lush indie track ‘Sands Of Time’. Accompanied by a very psychedelic music video, ‘Sands of Time’ mixes up some dreamy guitars and synths to create a smooth and funky ride.