BANFF – Renew

BANFF, the solo project of Brisbane-based artist Benjamin Forbes, creates dreamy indie-pop. Taking heavy influence from acts like The War On Drugs, ‘Renew’ is another solid offering from BANFF. A warping synth effect sets an interesting initial tone, but with BANFF‘s warming and emotionally-charged vocals introduced, ‘Renew’ settles into a comforting dynamic. ‘Renew’ will form part of BANFF‘s forthcoming sophomore EP, due later this year.

Brooke Russell & The Mean Reds – Take A Little Time

Brooke Russell & The Mean Reds‘ new track ‘Take A Little Time’ is undoubtedly a product of it’s environment. Written between Melbourne and Nashville, the latest single from the collective is the second taste of their sophomore record, The Way You Leave, following ‘Loose Change’ back in June. Take A Little Time is about letting go of someone in order to do the best thing for each other,” the band detail. The soaring string section makes this track worthwhile, and it is a promising teaser to Brooke Russell & The Mean Reds‘ forthcoming album.

Aurelia – Are We Losing (Sensible J Remix)

Best known for his production work for artists including REMI, Sensible J has recently been stepping up his solo output in quite an impressive manner. This time around, the Melbourne-bred drummer/producer has put a soulful spin on Aurelia‘s ‘Are We Losing’. As expected from a man with plenty of experience behind the kit, Sensible J has beautifully incorporated a huge dose of percussion. Along with the added keys, Sensible J puts a groovy jazz vibe to Aurelia‘s debut single.

The Braves – People

Melbourne band The Braves are preparing to release their new album Carry On The Con, and with it comes the first single, ‘People’. The track is loaded with scuzzy guitar breaks and, at times, a slightly brit-pop reminiscent vocal performance from Kelly Watson. The video clip adds an entertaining visual element to ‘People’, representing all of the fascinating characters close to the band members. It’s extremely simple, but damn effective.

H*O*T*T* – A*R*M* (A Rare Meme)

If you love creepy and downright eerie sounds, this one’s for you. It’s notable when an instrumental electronic track can fill you with such a range of emotions, and that’s exactly what H*O*T*T*‘s latest single ‘A*R*M* (A Rare Meme)’ has the ability of achieving. H*O*T*T* was formed back in 2008 and creates a strange and intriguing combination of trip-hop, house and punk. The band sum the track up perfectly: “We dug deep in the bowels of cyberspace and discovered a rare meme. The sound of a person escaping from their paranoid delusions and anxiety.”

The Mamas – Sneans

Melbourne eight-piece The Mamas really love their sneakers and jeans if their debut single ‘Sneans’ is anything to go by. Until this track, I’ve always known the tragically unfashionable duo as jeakers, however the all-female collective have converted me to this new term. ‘Sneans’ is a soothing blend of Soul, RnB and a good laugh, particularly with the video clip that accompanies the single. All jokes aside, it’s genuinely an effortlessly catchy jam that needs to be heard.

Shy Panther – Pippin

After a five year hiatus, Perth band Shy Panther have reappeared with a slinky new single, ‘Pippin’. The track brings together psychedelia and hip-hop/trip-hop influences to form a stunning and soaring synth-led banger. The reverb on the vocals is an exceptional element and compliments the catchy drum pattern and arpeggiated synths flawlessly. ‘Pippin’ is the first single from Shy Panther‘s forthcoming debut album, set to be released later this year.

The Goods – Glow

Sydney synth-funk trio The Goods are back with the second teaser track from their forthcoming EP Make Your Move. The new EP comes off the back of their debut self-titled LP last year and Make Your Move introduces vocalist Black Tree to the band, joining Badmandela and Rosario. ‘Glow’ is yet another warm RnB gem from the three-piece, and builds the anticipation surrounding their new EP significantly. The new single is sure to be the perfect soundtrack for your spring.

The Trepids – Someone Take Me Home

Melbourne group The Trepids have just released their debut EP Quarter Life Crisis. The concluding track ‘Someone Take Me Home’ instantly brings to mind another massively recognisable Melbourne group, The Smith Street Band, and more specifically frontman Wil Wagner‘s vocals. Touching on mental health and isolation, there’s also that familiar ’90s quiet to loud dynamic on ‘Someone Take Me Home’ that was made so famous by acts like Nirvana.