Sampa The Great – Rhymes To East

As it goes with Sampa The Great’s tracks, this one fully engages all parts of the cerebrum. Sub-Bassy beats, dreamy trill-like synths, incisive lyrical delivery and emotional inflections all work together to fill the entirety of the sound spectrum, each part as intellectual and interesting as it’s fellow colleague.

Mo Louie – I’ll Call You

An all- round pleasant punch to the gut via the combo of full frontal soulful vocals, punchy basslines and sugar- sweet synths. ‘I’ll Call You’ is a suggestive throwback to the likes of The Cardigans‘ ‘Love Fool’. The result is alluring and moreish. Mo Louie‘s debut EP is due out later this year.

Wild Honey – Messed Up

Indie pop that lyrically unpacks the vicious cycle of the bleary-eyed Monday to Friday drag, topped off by full-throttled weekends and the inevitable toll on your mind. The  harmonic progression, pop structure and memorable hook mirror this sketch down to a tee, presenting a neat little package of home truths. Wild Honey are touring their new album through November.

Crocodylus – Sweaty Already

A sentiment we can all relate to and a timely reminder that the Australian sun is starting to show its face again. This garage rock ear worm is guaranteed to narrate your summer escapades and get your sweaty bod moving. If you’re thirsty for more, Crocodylus‘ sophomore EP is out this November, accompanied by a tour.

Jazz Party – Drowning

Jazz Party pulls through with the goods once more. Entering with energetic and forward moving drums, we are well set up to receive the full spectrum of human emotion with this ballad. Lilting, soulful vocals paddle comfortably above the furious instrumental undercurrent occurring below. Tension and release is satisfyingly approached as the distorted vocals soar through the final chorus.

Arrom – Split Caress

Listen and listen good to this absolutely gorgeous debut single from Arrom featuring a luscious mix of subtle vocoder phrases, industrial beats and ambient moments of ominous free-fall. Her Bjork-inspired phrasing and vocal fry contributes to the weight of tense suspense that is never quite alleviated. If you are keen for more, you’re in luck – she releases her debut record at the end of October.

Feels – Glasshouse

Coveted record label Spirit Levels’ newest signing, Feels present a wild instrumental that features thoughtful, arpeggiated motifs that roll through the varied instrumentation in an almost orchestral setting, made current with a funky baseline and movement in the percussive elements. This track is a rare gem – it has the potential to smoothly transition you from your study desk at home to the club at 1am, all while making sure to return you safely home at the end.

Muki –  Friends Don’t Make Out

Let Muki’s sophomore single transport you to a bubblegum soundscape that’s packed with fun moments and samples you might find on your nephew’s fisher-and-price play set. LA Producer Aaron Reyes creates some serious synergy with this one as Muki’s catchy hooks lightly glitch along with harp fills and popping synths. Muki is set to tour with Paces, starting this week.

A. Swayze and the Ghosts – Smooth Sailing

Do you need an anthemic tune to soundtrack your weekend road trip? Give this one a go. Described as  the ‘millennial rolling stones of Hobart (probably)’, the initial listens deliver the archetypal punk ideologies you would expect from this brand of four piece band-  but under the magnifying glass there moments of vulnerability quietly woven in. The band are currently touring Tassie and are expected to hit the mainland later this year.

Lupa J – Moth

‘Moth’ is the second single from Lupa J‘s sophomore release, and it is completely spellbinding. The stark contrast of her pure vocal delivery antithisised with dark, brooding synths is enticing in much the same way as a watching a thriller at iMax. Huge track. Her album is due out this week.