Swaz Benjamin – Coaster Lines

Swaz Benjamin is a distinctly Australian hip hop talent. On ‘Coaster Lines’ he offers bars about summer days, and ‘the great southern land’; along with sunny production to match, plucky acoustic guitar, simple percussion and colloquial delivery. The laid back feel of this track is perhaps its best quality.


This track is really cute, but it also has a real climactic sound to it that I can imagine playing during the end credits of a teen indie movie. Slick, rapturous instrumentation, bubbly synths, glistening guitar solos, smooth crooning vocals,  and angelic, love-struck harmonies almost worthy of The Beach Boys. It feels condensed but complete. You can just imagine listening to this whilst chasing your crush to the airport to confess your love before it’s too late.

Honney – Wound 

‘Wound’ is sparse, watery, washy and minimal, featuring echoing percussion and fashionably disinterested vocals. It is distorted at moments, and characterised by a sweeping, chill electronic flavour. It has a perennial, looping quality that transports listeners to an almost liminal state; perfect for the night owls among us. I could definitely see it droning out of the speakers under the fluorescent lights of a bar bustling with swaying Nocturnals.

HTML Flowers feat. Banoffee – Chrome Halo 

This track by HTML Flowers feels like cruising down the highway at 3 am, reflecting on your life, and dissociating from your human form temporarily, but it’s also groovy as fuck. HTML Flowers and Banofee share a wonderful artistic chemistry, stirring together like milk and honey. Banofee‘s chorus brims with life, energy and emotion all at once. A spacey instrumental palette which floats sleepily. Its relaxed electronic pop and RnB vibe is rather colorful and poignant, oddly familiar and unifies the most gentle and perplexing elements of each genre which it glides through, rather than inhabits. Dance to it, cry to it, love to it, evolve to it.

Demon Days – Killer Bees

Demon Days kill it with their latest track ‘Killer Bees‘, a name that conjures up images of a Black Mirror episode I’d rather forget. There are jazzy, soulful, and funky notes on display here. The vocal delivery and overall production have a rather somber tone, despite lyrics about being stung, and the malevolent intents of certain bees. There’s a complexity in the vocals, layers that transcend the monotonous outcome jazzy voices slip into at times. Pain is conveyed wonderfully, as is resentment, with solemn undertones dripping out effortlessly.

manicSOUL -What Do

These lads tagged their track with #BOYZ and #OZ. That pretty much sums it up. Well, that and the duality of the tags #SUMMER and #WINTER. The soul backed track decorated with playful and youthful lyricism is an exploration of the titles inquiry. Boy, do these dudes love ‘toking’, and it translates in their music. They might not have an answer to this timeless question: what do? But they have a solution for the existential dread that plagues such pondering: sway… just sway.

The Tommyhawks – Summertime

This folky number by The Tommyhawks features the plucking of a foot-tapping Banjo that is joined by some deeply soulful saxophone, and completed by the raspy but joyous voice of the lead singer, melding together nicely.

Josh Cashman – Overflow 

Josh Cashman, who recently supported Australian indie fave Tash Sultana on a national tour tries his hands at a grand, deeply-melodic sweeping sound. Its instrumental and lyrical base is quite simple and raw with stunning notes of roots, folk, and bluesy textures.

Cxloe – Tough Love 

Cxloe’s sexy, powerful, dark song is an epic vocal showcase, with her whispery, sultry verses and belted choruses. It’s about lust, it’s about pain, it’s about longing and the unrestrained display that results from wanting something bad enough that the gritty side of lust is insignificant.