On Diamond – Light 

Mysterious and haunting, the new single from Melbourne alt-pop group On Diamond draws on stunning vocals to illustrate the tipping point between serenity and turmoil.  Entitled ‘Light’, the track comes from a place of “not knowing if there is relief from the suffering being experienced”, as expressed by vocalist and songwriter Lisa Salvo. The track’s ethereal quality is matched by the creative vision of its film clip, with a solemn Salvo finding herself in the middle of a medieval sword fight en masse. Watch below to experience On Diamond’s take on the feeling of  solitary struggle amongst the hustle of the world around us.

Golden Vessel – Less~More 

Brisbane producer Golden Vessel partners up with the girls of alt-pop duo OKBadlands in a new electronic tune called ‘Less~More’. Dropping today, this track features smooth vocals and chilled vibes, with down-tempo beats serving up a mellow feel. Inspired by the likes of Bonobo and Glass Animals, ‘Less~More’ is sure to follow in the footsteps of earlier EP Before Sleep, winning support in 2016 from Triple J and Exist Recordings. We’ll be keeping an eye out for new tunes from Golden Vessel with the release of a new EP set for this September.

Listen below.

Tinpan Orange – Wanderers

Discovered busking on the streets of Darwin in 2005, indie-folk trio Tinpan Orange are five albums deep in a trajectory of skilful production and delicate yet powerful vocals. In the starry-eyed haze of new track ‘Wanderers’, frontwoman Emily Lubitz takes us on a journey of aching sentiment, while maintaining a floaty, light-as-air quality. Together with the melodic prowess of her brother, guitarist Jessie Lubitz, and good friend and violinist Alex Burkoy, the three make a dream team that has cultivated a global fanbase – playing live at the likes of Laneway Festival, Calgary Folk Festival, WOMAD and Winnipeg Folk Festival. If Emily’s mesmerising vocals sound familiar, it may be down to her feature on the viral ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ train safety ditty in 2013. These days, the potent romanticism of Tinpan Orange remains engrossing and expressive – and ‘Wanderers’ is no exception.

Listen to ‘Wanderers’ below, and keep an eye out for the trio’s Aussie tour dates this October and November.

Tiber – Good 4 U 

Geelong producer Tiber’s Facebook bio simply announces ‘I make music’ – a subtle nod to the craft portending tracks that speak for themselves. Certainly, with an incredible beat drop and fast-paced reverberations, this new tune ‘Good 4 U’ requires little explanation. Generating comments like “certified banger” and “fire for your headphones” on social media, Tiber has earned himself the title of “Geelong bass emperor”. ‘Good 4 U’ is euphoric and packs a punch, and is the first single from upcoming EP Moments set for release this October.

Kaz Garaz – If I Could Help You I Would 

Hailing from Melbourne’s southeast suburbs, Kaz Garaz are a four piece band with a dynamic style spanning several genres. Whether it’s punk rock or a slower ballad, the group brings a raucous energy to any and all stages – from their earlier backyard gigs to Burning Farm Festival in April this year. Describing their sound as “as sensual as one of those coin operated massage chairs” and “even more exciting than the first mince pie on Christmas morning”, Kaz Garaz don’t take themselves too seriously. Their new track ‘If I Could Help You I Would’ is nothing if not colourful, serving up breezy yet buoyant tunes with a generous helping of lighthearted humour on the side.

cln – Switch Gears ft. Pseudo 

Juggling a law degree with a burgeoning career in music production is no simple feat, but it’s a path Brisbane producer cln navigates with subtle mastery. Despite its chilled mood, velvety new tune ‘Switch Gears’ is anything but dialled down. Featuring longtime friend, rapper/vocalist Pseudo, the track has spent two years in the pipeline as the two sent material back and forth, combining lyrics with chord progressions, crisp beats and instrumental patterns. The end result is a dreamlike, ambient song that simultaneously represents a retreat from life’s craziness and an emergence out of tedious monotony. Turn up the volume, sit back and chill out.

Robert Muiños – Weeks At All 

Mainly seen playing with Melbourne collective Dorsal Fins or 9-piece indie-pop outfit Saskwatch, singer-songwriter Robert Muiños is set to release his third solo EP this September. Laced with raw emotion and anguish, the single ‘Weeks At All’  heralds a point of no return in a dark emotional landscape. Melding compelling guitar riffs with honest vocals, the song is fragile and unrelenting all at the same time. The words ‘no matter who you are, the world keeps turning’, in the opening lyric remind us with a melancholic certainty that our inner turmoil is minuscule in the world’s grand scheme. By the time the melody fades out, we have joined Muiños on a journey of vulnerability and memories, only to finish with a sorrowfully poignant acknowledgement of vulnerability: “I run away and sing my little songs…”

For cathartic soul-cleansing, listen below.