There are some truly fantastic songwriters coming out of the inner western suburbs of Melbourne and if you start to scratch the surface, you will be exposed to a friendly community of people who are all in about five of each others bands. This has been recently coaxed into wider knowledge due to the success of Footscray’s own awk-pop wunderkind, Dan Oke aka Jarrow who is sneaking on to lineups around the country, most notably Splendour In The Grass.

Oke is one of the members of the inner west super group Rhysics headed by frontman Rhys Renwick, who also plays in garage bands Scraggers and Guffman. With a diverse songwriting style, each group has a distinctly different sound. Rhysics is the nerdy grunge pop branch of Renwick’s practise where every level of his output is seeped with his larrikinist attitude.

Culte aka Yura Iwama is self professed “19 year old RAT” who has an vast back catalogue of an amazing lo-fi shoe gaze pop tunes.

cute_rhymes​.​zip is an adorable collaboration between Rhysics and Culte, which was released on Valentines Day. Beginning with ‘humidity //’, a Rhysics track which is the modern day ‘Four Seasons In On Day,’ (Crowded House) expressing every Melbournites weather struggles with jangly guitars, synths and driving drums. Culte’s stripped back contribution of ‘_gaze’ brilliantly counterpoints as a sweet love song with haunting vocal layering and spacey synths.

The real star of this EP however is ‘[[waste of your time]]’ which begs the question of why more artists don’t do duets. This tune is devastating in its reflection of the common phenomenon of feigning disinterest while simultaneously crushing hard. The line “I’m not wasting my breathe am i?” is an absolute killer. The final palate cleanser ‘– i d k y -‘ is a welcome tone change but at 00:43 is sadly quite short.

Check out these awesome artists and follow the rabbit hole of the acts they feature in for a jumpstart on some awesome underground artists coming out of Melbourne’s suburbia.

Rhysics is about to go on tour along the East Coast, see information via their Facebook

And Culte is just awesome so follow her here