Beloved Elk have released the first taste of their upcoming debut LP Distractions and as expected from the Melbourne duo, it’s spectacular.

The title track of the album is draped in downbeat ambience with a tinge of sweetness. With forlorn guitars, a percussive drum flow and soothing vocals, the Melbourne duo compliment each other effortlessly.  ‘Distractions’ is a weave of melancholy and candid storytelling through the minds of Amy and Tina, and is the perfect follow up to their recent EP, and a sign of good things to come on their debut album.

It’s starting to feel like everything that LISTEN Records touches is absolute gold – their ever expanding roster features such names as Biscotti and Simona Castricum, and the sheer variety of material available on their label is staggering, and astounding.

Distractions will drop on February 20th via LISTEN Records.